Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Very Busy Saturday!

I have been so busy today!

I'm trying to prepare for Thanksgiving (which granted, is over a month away, but you don't know the depth of the work I need to do, or the time I really need to do it properly in--imagine you have dust everywhere that has run away with your vacuum, and you have my house)--which is going to take supreme effort on my part, to complete to my satisfaction. I have only had Thanksgiving once before, and my hubby (who was only hubby-to-be then) gave me a Xanax and told me to go lie down, which I did--and ended up sleeping through the entire preparation day!

Things turned out well anyhow, because my mother was there, and he is a good cook as well. By the time the "inlaws-to-be" arrived, everything was ready to go out on the table!

This will be the first time since then--a full 9 years later. I've been very lucky. Jeff's sister, who is a GREAT PARTY PLANNER has always had the day, but sadly, she has moved with her hubby to Florida...and is not available to take the responsibility this year, but MAY appear at Christmas, at which time, we will party at my mother-in-law's house, but Thanksgiving, since I haven't "done my time" as it were, is mine.

My biggest fret is that people will be uncomfortable because there is no where to sit except on the dining room chairs or in the breakfast nook, which of course, both will have tablecloths on them. The food will be divvied up and everyone will have a share in the making. Hubby will make his famous baked beans. His sister will make the turkey. Others will bring other things...his mom likes to make pies. She does make a mean pie.

There's also a relative in a wheel chair, and that's the main reason for having the party at my house, which can be rigged easily for wheelchair access by placing 2 x 10's and plywood at the entrance, once inside, she should be good to go--the entrance to the living area is a wide space, so she'll be able to wheel around everywhere on the first floor except for the kitchen, which is probably too narrow in access for the wheelchair. Still, I'm sure she'll bring something from her kitchen if she comes. I sort of hope she does, as it will mean that my party is a success and accessible to everyone in the family, and no one will feel left out. Of course, if she makes other plans for herself, I won't feel slighted in, well, the slightest! HA!

The next project is the kitchen, but I am not the only one that has little tasks to do. Hubby's got tasks too, and I do expect him to fulfill his end of the bargain. The first task he has is to make a list of everything he feels needs done BEFORE we can have the party. His next job for me is sewing up the curtains in the living room. To do that, I have to take them down and buy some thread the same color and set up my sewing machine (which is actually a job for him, since he leaves his contents of his pockets on my sewing cabinet--and then I can stitch to my heart's content. So I have to get thread-- perhaps Monday after my doctor's appointment I'll stop over at Hobby Lobby and pick some up. Before I can get matching thread, though, he has to take down one of the panels for me to take to work on Monday, so that I can match the color of the drapes appropriately. Perhaps tomorrow evening, as he's planning to work on the mower Sunday.

And life goes on with all the trappings of daily chores and breathing in, breathing out...oh, yes, and remember to put the Xanax within easy reach!

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