Sunday, October 18, 2009

Monster Sox are Finished!

And I have pics in every configuration I could think of--so here's the "Grand Tour".



I've been trying, though, for several minutes to upload these pictures, and they are just not going--something about a server error on Blogger? Try again in a minute? WHAT? Has the world come to an end? Is life as we knew it now gone forever?

I'll try again in a few minutes, but I want to talk about this new bind off for socks--this is just amazing! I've been trying to find a good bind off for socks-especially toe up, ever since learning to kitchner-and let me tell you, this has the makings of GENIUS! Go here for instructions, and then try it out on your next pair of socks (or your cuffs and bottom edge on your sweater knit from the next down-anything, really, that calls for a stretchy bind off).

My only wish is that they would come up with a stretchy cast ON so that the top-down socks could be just as stretchy! Like those circular shawls, and the bottom of the stoles and WHATEVER! Test it on a dishcloth, then use it everywhere. All I can say is that this person is a truly wonderful knitter to have come up with something so EASY to do that it works like a charm without any effort at all! I'm hooked, and the weirdest thing? She did it for free and shared it with the entire toe up sock-knitting world out of the goodness of her heart--well, I just hope she got a little something for it. She should be contracted to come up with the best top down cast on too.

The next project (small) on the needles is the piggie pillow. I'm fairly sure I don't have the correct yarn, but it's a pillow, right? I just hope it's not too big or too small for the pillow form. Again, I will check my gauge to make sure. Stitches are "close" as far as what's on the label, but who knits like the people who knit for the label? I expect to come out "close".

I'm still really flumoxed by Blogger's upload feature. Perhaps I'll upload to Flickr and go from there. Ah, done. Time to go work on my mother's piggie pillow!


heidi said...

they look great!

and the colours are really pretty:)

Knitman said...

excellent. really like the colours.

Heather said...

She DOES have a cast-on. Check it out!

N. Maria said...

Your socks are great! They match...perfectly!
I'll have to check out that bind-off technique now.
Maria H in WA

Anonymous said...

Well, now there is a matching cast-on because Jeny got requests: go to
- craftsman (on CYCA and Socknitters)