Saturday, October 24, 2009

Piggie Went Bust!

For whatever reason, my gauge must have loosened (or else my cast on was just too darn tight), but the top just would not block flat.

No matter what I tried--including sitting on it, as if The Fonz was watching...

UPDATE: See the notes/comments in one of my posts, and it shows that Jeny now has a stretchy cast on, with a video instruction on her blog. GREAT! Right after frogging! Oh well, that's the way the cookie crumbles.

But alas, to the frog pond you go, until I figure out how to counteract the issues with knitting you.

In the meanwhile, I picked up knitting another dishcloth from the Holiday Gifts group on Yahoo! They have a pattern for a cloth called "Wavy Riblets". Sounded like surf and turf to me, but I cast on this morning. I'm half done with that.

And then I decided I wanted to move my computer to the bedroom--out of sight, so that the house can look a little less cluttered in the front area. Of course, all my computer stuff is now in the bedroom, and now the BEDROOM looks cluttered, but hey--give me credit for trying, okay? This is in preparation for having the family (meaning Jeff's family) at my house for Thanksgiving, and I'll be really mad if people change their minds to have it at their house, because I really want to have it here! I really do! But if you could see my house, you would know that I am decidedly NOT a housekeeper, and what's cleaned one day is tomorrow's mess. I keep telling my hubby that you cannot do dishes and expect them to STAY DONE--they propagate out of thin air, and breed like mad! Dust bunnies? Same story, only mine live with cat and dog hair, and roll around the rooms freely as if they own the place.

There's a reason why they call it "FUR niture", after all.

So now I have to decide if I want a battery backup for my laptop. I think it would be a good idea--it is a safer surge protector. Lately, we've been having service interruption with our electric. This is not a problem, if the interruption is only momentary, and my computer will shut itself off when the internal battery is low. But a bigger backup would give considerably more protection. I just have no clue if I really need it RIGHT NOW TODAY, if I could get by on a strip--I do not have enough outlets on the wall socket. I DO have a 2 to 4 socket extender, t I need 8. Yes, don't look at me like that. I need 8.

Power to the printer
Power for the Router
Phone charger

and 1 other thing that I'm not really sure what it is, but all are currently plugged in where I sit and in the bedroom where I am moving, and nothing is leaving the bedroom. Except for my husband when he realizes that he can't sleep because Eudora sings every time it downloads email. God help us all..maybe something will leave the bedroom after all? KIDDING! I'll turn off the singing. It isn't really needed anyway.

But 8 slots! That's a lot!

But what I'm really concerned about is a power outage during the winter. We heat with corn, and the blower runs on electric. Ergo, no electric, no heat. We do have a wood stove in the basement, but how to find wood to last several days in the middle of the night (should that become an issue)?

And so came my idea of having a windmill--and make our own energy--especially to run the corn stove, but my hubby nixed the idea. So I guess I best knit and crochet a lot of blankets, right? HA!

So right after I spend $25 at the LYS yesterday, I get a gift certificate from the same store. Why couldn't they have sent me that gift card 2 days earlier? Now I have to go back to the store and buy something else!

Put your hand on my forehead, will you? I think I might be sick!

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