Thursday, May 26, 2011

Daily Damp

It has been wet and rainy all day. My neck has a kink in it. I decided after work to stop at the chiropractic doctor for an adjustment. He says that there's a 60% chance that I'll have to return on Tuesday. I feel a little better, but things are swollen. He says keep it on ice for a while.

So I stopped at the grocery store, and got a bunch of food, which I'm going to let hubby unload. Right now, he's on the telephone, discussing my mother's divorce and such as it relates to my father's life insurance.

This cretin man has screwed my mother for gee, she married him when she was 14, and she's in her 70's now. The divorce was about 20 years ago, and it said that my mother was to remain the beneficiary on the life insurance.

So of course, you know he changed it. So now, my hubby and my mother are scrambling to get things in order so that she can still get the life insurance, but there is every possibility that his second wife (or more likely her family), who ironically has the SAME first name, will try to swoop in and take away what is rightfully my mother's.

Well, it's just one more complaint about my father. He was rotten to the core, and he didn't deserve my mother at all. I'm really angry about this last "screw-job" he's done.

And besides all that, as if that weren't enough, our roof leaks.

And it's damp outside.

And the river down the road is flooding again.

And when it rains it pours. Go figure.

Anyway, *he* is the reason for the nasty, man-hater speech on the blog a couple of days ago, and hubby was acting up too. Then my girlfriend's issues--well, three strikes and you're out sort of a deal. Just suddenly it seems, that mean men are falling out of the woodwork and really making quite the nuisance of themselves.

Mine's saving grace was a quick, "hello, sweetheart, give me a call when you can" message on my phone. I think I should have saved it. Those sentiments come too few and far between.

One more day and it's the Alma Highland Festival. They are predicting possible rain showers and scattered thunderstorms. But you know, I think that we've had so much rain, on days when the weatherman said "no rain", that I believe we're due for sun when the weatherman says "yes rain". I admit, it's okay with me if it rains all week, but on Saturday, it must be sunshine. There's just something about the day Saturday that requires sunshine. It should be written into daily law...

Instead of daily damp.

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