Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Readership Down...

Sort of like "Periscope Down", and I have no clue why other than that I've been waxing a bit philosophical/religion on my blog--and it's likely this turns folks off. Normally I don't write a lot about matters religious, because no one ever agrees with you, and you end up with hate mail or everyone leaving blog for other blogs more interesting--or nauseating, but whatever your reason, today's blog is not about readership, periscopes or religion.

No today's post is about Men.

You know--the other sort of women...the ones that make no sense. The ones who think they are always right. The ones who can never admit that they are so so sorry.

Now, not all men are like this, but if you are reading this, and similarly blessed (and I use that term VERY loosely), I found something out today that I'm willing to share with you, and maybe you can share with others of our ilk--meaning other women, of course, so that word will spread and eventually we can rid ourselves of the obvious infection, er, strike that, the demons that live in our homes.

Come to find out that men will do anything for a cookie.

Now, I am not talking about chocolate chip or peanut butter sandies, or those cute thin mints that come from the Girl Scouts. If you all ain't figured it out yet...then you need your head examined.

I've also discovered that once a woman gives away "the cookie", the Man decides you are either worth it or worthless, in which case he just dumps you and never calls you again. This means that you should NEVER give away the COOKIE. Never. UNTIL you get what YOU want.

However, keep in mind, that he will keep begging for the cookie at every juncture. And if you don't get something (or don't want something--in which case, ARE YOU SICK?), and give away the cookie for free for nothing, then the man will come to eventually despise and disrespect you. First, you'll hear him calling you names. Next he'll be trying to control your money. Then he'll be telling you where and when you can come and go. Then he will start hitting you.

With this in mind, STAY AWAY FROM THE MAN WHO HEATS UP YOUR NETHER REGION ON THE FIRST DATE, and expects to have a cookie before the night is out. If he's got desperation in his eyes, BEWARE. There's a reason why he's alone and lonely, and it's not because he hasn't met the right woman. It's because he had her and lost her, and it's more than likely he lost her because she got fed up with his bullsh*t ways.

Most men don't start out this way. They start out all charming, taking you nice places and making themselves indispensable. Once they have you hooked, then turn into MEN, and all sorts of crap can begin. If you allow it to happen once, then it will most certainly begin to happen over and over. End result, you are angry and unfulfilled, buying yarn to fill the empty hole.

Trust me, ladies, when I say, that every man I've ever known (and I've known a considerable few--which means more than 1 or 2--or maybe even 100!), has been this way. Some quicker than others...but the same nonetheless. It began with my father, and ends with my current marriage. I do try to keep my current man on the straight and narrow and air my grievances as soon as I notice them, if at all possible, and I feel that this has resulted in a lengthier marriage. Holding on to that crap can really wear you down. And my current man has a deeper knowledge of what marriage is really about, having come from a functional family (unlike myself), but he is, still and all, a MAN. Much to my dismay, and continues to get out of line.

Some days I think I need a whip and a chair, but I believe that would only turn him on, so I refrain myself. They cannot be changed. If they choose to change (a RARE instance), it's generally to change their underwear or their woman. They have no compunctions about sharing your bed with another woman. It's what they do. It's who they are. So, girls---CHOOSE CAREFULLY. If he's separated from his wife--he's NOT available. The first chance you're busy and can't see him, he'll be running back to her for a romp in the dark, and you'll never be the wiser.

If he's divorced, you want to know how long and WHY. Don't settle for the pat answer that "She didn't understand me" or "I don't know". There's a reason why they became another statistic. Because he DOES know, and SHE DID understand him.

And that's why she's not with him anymore.

So let's be realistic, and all read "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man", and then be the women that we should be, because we don't need men to complete us. If anything, most of them just drag us down.

Well, I've male-bashed enough for tonight. I'm ready to head to the living room to deal with the man in my life who is denigrating me to his mother for not going with him to the financial advisor, and disagreeing with him because I didn't have a password to get into my account, and want a separate meeting with the financier. In this day and age of Bernie Madoff's, I'm not so sure I can trust a man to watch my financial future.

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