Saturday, May 21, 2011

East Lansing Art Fair

The East Lansing Art Fair is on today.

I'd like to go. I'd like hubby to go, but I think he won't care for it, and then make the entire trip miserable for both of us. I'd like my friend Carol to go with, but I think she's resting.

So far, I haven't seen Christ coming on the clouds. The Bible says that everyone will see him. And with cable tv, I don't doubt it. I'm a little early for the grand arrival, and like I said, I'll be at my grand daughter's birthday, probably eating hotdogs on my step-daughter's deck overlooking her garden.

That seems enough to do for one day. Hubby is rather being a bit of a stick in the poop, but that's his way. If I wanted to go alone, he'd be okay with that. I think he's only agreed to go because it's pretty much free, if all you do is "look". He doesn't care for stepping around crowds--for that matter, neither do I, but I might do it, if it was something I really wanted to do. Still, it's almost noon, and we have to be at the party by 4. We could have about 3 hours of standing room only in the bright sunshine. Sounds like a three-alarm fire looking for a place to happen, and of zero benefit for my skin, quite honestly. Even an hour would be too much in the bright noon sunshine--and I doubt that you could see everything in an hour. I just don't think it could be done.

So I guess I'll stay home and fidget, waiting for the Event. Just so you know, when He does come, people will be saying "Where is the promise of His coming?" and scoff, so perhaps it's not a good thing that I'm sitting here at my computer, quasi-scoffing--I figure, if He comes, I really hope that He remembers that I bought my ticket a long time ago.

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