Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The New Firefox is Out

Just downloaded the new Firefox. They've put the tabs up on the top, which looks cleaner. Beyond that, I don't see a lot of changes. I would guess that most of the changes aren't visible, which is par for the course. There will be lots of updates in the near future, because you know that they can't get "everything". I like Firefox's interface, but also have Google Chrome, because it automatically translates the page for you--I'm pretty sure that Firefox will institute that function as soon as they can get their developers on the program--in fact, if you look for something through Google, there's a little (Translate this page) on the Google Search, so sometimes you can get it, sometimes not. You never know though. It could be there now.

I started another sample for JoAnn's. This is going fairly quickly. I got two rows done already, and I plan to take it to the office with me--even though I will lay odds that I won't have lots of time today to work on it. It's a Ruffled Scarf. I need to have it done before the end of work today. It's an easy pattern that I could probably share in a day or two, after I adjust it for my own sense of adventure. Then it will be available for free here, so keep your eyes peeled.

Well, I have to let the dog out and get rid of my morning chores.

As a last minute item, though, I got an email from the person who runs the spinning group that I used to attend VERY regularly. She asks me "Haven't seen you in a few meetings. Are you allright?"

Well, no, thank you very much for asking, I am definitely NOT allright, and I'm pretty ticked off that you EMAILED me, instead of coming over to ask me--since of course, you live only 4 miles away, but nevermind that. I'm tired of being your last choice for a friend, deleted your email without responding and will not be returning to your Monday afternoon "get togethers", since I have a job, and all your friends are retired and can "take off and have fun" at the drop of a hat. I spent a lot of time and money trying very hard to be YOUR friend, only to find out that I was constantly the last one chosen for the game, and felt hurt, betrayed and defeated by that behavior, and it's not like it only happened once. This last time, indeed, was the last time. It's over.

So time to get my chores done and head to work. I'll have that pattern for all my readers in a few days, so stay tuned.

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