Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dishcloths all over the Place

I've been working on my log cabin scrappy doo--it's coming along really well, but I'm finding that the cotton that I made cloths out of already--well, there's more *there* than I thought there was.

You see, I was on a dishcloth "kick" for a long while, and twice a month, I'd buy perhaps 2-4 skeins of kitchen cotton in a variety of colors, since I couldn't decide usually which color I wanted to make the cloth out of most weeks. Currently, I have a drawer full of cloths (so full that they've spilled over into the next drawer), and I've given quite a few away to family and friends, and still have a fair number left.

But it's the leftovers that have me stumped. Where did all this kitchen cotton come from? Because there I an entire bag of it. Some of the leftovers are enough to do a second cloth--rather than put on my "Scrappy Doo", so I decided to make a Grandmother's Favorite out of the more generous leftovers.

Grandmother's Favorite is a very common cloth. It's one of my favorites for bath time, and it works up really fast. It's made on the diagonal, starting from a corner with only 3 stitches. Here's the pattern, recreated from my head.

Grandmother's Favorite
Size 6 16" circular needle
About half a skein of kitchen cotton, any color.

k1fb=knit one in the front leg AND in the back leg
yo=yarn over

Cast on 3 stitches, using the backward "e" cast on (also known as the thumb cast on)

Row 1: k1fb, k2
Row 2: k1fb, k3
Row 3: k1fb, k4
Row 4: k1fb, k5-7 sts
Row 5: k3, yo, k rest of sts.
Row 6 to whenever you feel like quitting: k3, yo, k rest of sts.
Row ?: K2, k2tog, yo, k across remaining sts.
Repeat this row until 7 stitches remain.
Next row: K2 tog, k remaining sts.
Repeat this row until 3 sts remain. Bind off and hide your ends.

Remember that the number of stitches on your needle is not what determines WIDTH. The side where the holes are does, so keep knitting until the SIDE is the width you want.


So this is the cloth that I'm doing before I add to my "Scrappy Doo". It's almost 20" across now. It's growing by leaps and bounds. It's quite a bit of boring knitting, though, and I'm due for a new project. I've been thinking about Rhiannon quite a bit lately, and might pull that out, but after a hard day at the office (and believe me, lately, they've been really hard), my brain is MUSH, and about all I can handle is something simple while I watch television.

This weekend hubby and I are looking forward to sunshine and burning up the plastic stuff the county put down to hold down the grass seed, which has made a mess of our hill. We're bringing in landscaping and lots of topsoil. I figure we'll be outdoors most of the weekend. I'm hoping for some trees and maybe some retaining wall, some flowers, and more grass--I've got a few ideas that I'd like to try, but you know that you can't go hog wild when you butt up against country ground.

Well, it's almost time for me to leave the house for the office. Not really looking forward to getting there, but I suppose it's a necessary evil. I wonder if there's time for coffee?

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