Thursday, May 12, 2011

Scarf Started...

The pattern called for two balls of the Lion Brand Organic Cotton.

Every pattern I've done for JoAnn's has had MORE THAN ENOUGH YARN FOR THE PROJECT. Not just a few yards, but practically the entire skein remains.

This time, the pattern was short SEVERAL yards. I'll be changing the pattern to 3 balls of yarn, because to work this up with the hook specified, there is just not enough to reach the end of the project. I have to go get another skein to finish.

This was disappointing, since I was hoping to turn it in today after work, and I'll have another 20 minutes or so of work on it before I can actually call it done.

And then, I will have practically a whole skein left--as usual. Do you suppose it was a typo on the pattern?

It really ticks me off, but then, lately, EVERYTHING is ticking me off, so what's new.

Pics tomorrow when the scarf is done. I did try to take a pic this morning, but the light was just not there, and the flash turns everything yellow--so I can't get a decent picture that shows off the colors to their full advantage. Maybe it will look good later hanging on the lilac bush, which, by the way, is loaded with buds and posies.

Why on earth is JoAnn's doing a scarf at the beginning of spring? I'll never know. The yarn is pretty and springy, and it's a ruffle (also springy). Maybe that's the reason.

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