Saturday, May 14, 2011

Shall We Try a Mystery Knit Along?

I've been thinking about this for a while, and thought this might be a good venue for trying a knit along--or KAL as it's abbreviated. I thought a dishcloth might be a good idea, since I'm pretty sure I could come up with one fairly easily.

Now, materials...

I generally use one or the other Peaches N Creme or Sugar N Cream--Peaches is softer (I think), but harder to come by, but can be ordered online. Sugar N Cream is nearly everywhere. But you can sub in any "kitchen cotton" yarn, as long as you get approximately 4 stitches to the inch in stockinette on size 8's. I would use a solid color, so that the "pattern" shows up--something in a floral shade--just not too dark. Pastels will work lovely.

Now this is a mystery KAL, so you won't know what you're knitting until the end of the knitting.

I think I will release rows 6-7 per day, so that the pattern will take about 5 days to come about. I wouldn't want to tax anyone's karma!

And feel free to share this pattern with your friends! I would like more traffic on this blog, so share the link, too!

Here GOES!

May 14 Rows:

Rows 1-4: K
Row 5: K3, p11, k7, p14, k3
Row 6: k16, p9, k13

To be continued tomorrow! Tune in!

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