Sunday, May 29, 2011

Nearly Recovered

I slept like a baby after 11 last night, having taken a sleeping pill, I was off to la-la land. I slept really well, but Mandy woke me at 5:30am to go potty, and well, I guess I needed to as well. l let her outside to go, but I used the indoor plumbing. It seems safer that way--wouldn't want to frighten the neighbors--even if they are up this early on a holiday weekend, which I seriously doubt.

Hubby has purchased about 3 ton of landscaping bricks, and a couple ton of corn, which I haven't seen yet, but I guess that's for the winter season's heating. He's going to go all around the house with them. Personally, I'd rather shoot myself in the foot, but that's just me. Apparently, he's going all around the house with these things, and he's going to plant a bunch of flowers. I have no idea what's got this idea into his head, but he's decided that he's going to *do* something to keep him occupied this summer.

Since he's sort of a "sit in my chair and play video games" sort of person, I expect this "idea" to last until the bricks are in place, and then he will most likely go back to his chair, and leave the flowers for next year. But should he follow through all the way with this "idea", I'll have lots of pictures to show you as the work progresses, and I think it might be a marked improvement.

As for myself, it's only 5:30am, and I think I might crawl back under the covers where it's quite warm. It is, after all only 59 degrees outdoors, and I'm not willing to go outside with the mosquitoes. They are too hungry, and I'm not willing to part with my blood for love or money, let alone mosquitoes. First, though, I think I will thin my blood a little with a can of Diet Coke, and a brief "how do you do" to you. Later, I might go to the car and unload from the Alma games--bring in my knitting and try my hand at that.

I found some laceweight yarn on Ravelry--about 3900 yards of it. With it, I plan to work on Triggy, which I've been meaning to do, but haven't had enough yarn to work it. Or I might work on another circular shawl. They go over so well at Alma, and they keep me warmer than the triangle shawls--perhaps because I an double them, and they are big enough to cover my shoulders, back, front and what not else. I did enjoy working on the Civil War Shawl, but it took almost $100 in yarn. I truly don't think I will make it again, no matter how easy it was. There are a couple of shawls that are touted as circular blankets, but take a lot more than 3900 yards. No, I think that this time, I will work a Triggy, or perhaps a Queen Anne's Lace or something like what Mario has in his Yahoo Group.

Beyond that, I really have no idea what the plan is. I'll have to let you know. Wish me luck!

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