Friday, May 20, 2011

Well, What Do You Know! Mawning Aweddy!

I'm not sure why, but the arrival of morning, at 4 am, always surprises me--and angers me--and frustrates me--all at the same time. These are the mornings that my dog hears the early bird getting the worm, and chirping himself silly over the fact. Mandy figures that's her cue to yip that she wants to go potty.

I figure it's my cue to put the pillow over my head and smother myself...but that's just me, I think.

Last night I worked on another Grandmother's Favorite Dishcloth, trying to use up some scraps. I was probably another 12 rows away from being done, and horror of horrors, I ran out of yarn.

Now this isn't a huge difficulty, because it's

Just a Dishcloth


I can always use another color to finish off those last 12 rows. And because it's not a perfect cloth, I can use it for washing dishes...yes...sure...I can do that.

But somehow it just feels wrong. It would have been nicer to do the cloth one less (or two less) of the center, and I think that's what I'm going to do today. Rip out to the middle and begin the decreases again.

This means it will be the longest time I've spent knitting a dishcloth (THREE ENTIRE DAYS!) but it will be worth it to have a cloth of one color.

So that's my plan. In the meanwhile, I'll make a mental note that even if I have more than half a skein of yarn, I will work a shorter version of GFD, so that I have something left over for the Log Cabin Scrappy Doo. With this skein, there was zip remaining, so I feel sort of upset about that.

It's another work day, but it's the last one for this week. Apparently, hubby has obtained some assistance for the yard work this weekend, so I might get out of it by working inside the house on Saturday and Sunday, and finally get a grip on Rhiannon. So why does that feel so wrong? We are going to shave up some of the trees, take down the fences and some of the lean-to's we built for our sheep, make a very large retaining wall out next to the road and try to even out our yard, and put in flowers and plants to make the place pretty again this year. It's a lot for just us, and so we've been looking around for a younger person to help out. We think we finally found one. I keep telling my husband that he has to make friends with a younger man, so that he has somebody who will come over now and again and help out with the stuff that is clearly getting harder and harder for him to do. I see a condo in our future. I'm hoping that the condo is in Arizona, for the dry heat. Someplace away from the cold mountains, but not so close to the border to be dangerous to life and limb.

Well, I have to get my shower. I'm exhausted. I feel about |---| much ambition to put toward work and |------------------------------------| ambition to stay home and do nothing. It's a losing battle. With hubby retired, I really would rather stay home with him. I really resent that he gets to stay home, while I still have to work. All for the health insurance. There's just got to be something better than that. Sigh. I suppose I could go forward with the pillow (see paragraph 1), but the shower sounds pretty good. Maybe I'll just take it one step at a time. Too many of those, however, and I'll be at the office again for the next 9 hours. So long for now.

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