Sunday, May 8, 2011

Projects...projects...Who's Got the Project...

I worked on two projects at JoAnn's yesterday. A dishcloth and a block for an afghan--both finished and put on the board, but neither got a picture. I figure that I'll make another today. The pattern was pretty easily done.

The beginning for the dishcloth used an alternate beginning, and while I know that this one is practically EVERYWHERE, I seldom use it, and I don't know why I seldom use it. It's a perfectly good center.

The one I'm talking about is where you wrap the yarn around your finger, and then crochet into the loop. When you're done with your crocheting, you then pull on the short string, and the loop shrinks to nearly nothing, and you keep on crocheting. It works as a good center for knitting circular shawls too--that simple little crocheted loop, and I'm going to incorporate it into my next circular knitting project.

But for the moment, I have samples that I have to knit and crochet. I have the pattern for the dishcloth knit, and it's blocking on the kitchen counter. I really should have blocked it on my blocking board. The poor thing is horribly misshapen.  For whatever reason, the knitting biased on me. I think it might be because of the row of k 2 tog's--which cause a right leaning stitch--and this stitch is on the wrong side, which causes the right side to lean significantly to the left.

First, I'm going to try a SEVERE BLOCKING on the board, because I have to think about this and how to counter it. The only thing I can think of at the moment is to have the row alternate between k2tog and ssk---and I think that I will try it, if only to see if it fixes the biasing issue.

Sugar and Creme 1 ball in Tangerine--which seemed a new color, and yes, I needed a break from the horrible drab of winter, so it's orange. Have you got something against orange? I like orange! It's bright and fun and really makes me smile on dreary days when I'm doing dishes in the sink, looking out my kitchen window and wishing I was somewhere warm and sunny.

Today, hubby and I plan to go to his mother's for Mother's Day. His brother is visiting, and we don't get to see much of him. Hubby needs to mow the lawn, and it's going to be quite tall because the neighbor didn't have the time to help this first mow, and so it's been left a week too long. This means that the brother's will need to rake grass. Hubby is showering now, having breakfasted--and I caught a few pics of him in the shower. It's sort of funny how he has no sense of privacy--he and I grew up quite differently--he with 3 siblings and a smaller house with only one bathroom that required everyone to Plan things--such as showering and such. I had only one sibling, we each had our own bedroom, and the house was large, but there was still only 1 bathroom. Back then, homes with 3 bathrooms were practically unheard of! Yes, I'm older than dirt, thank you very much. But back to my original thought. Today, we are going to his mother's, and Tuesday, I will go to my mother's. My brother has already done all the "mother's day" type "stuff" that children do for their parents, so I have to figure out something else. A card, of course--but after that, I'm completely lost. I noticed a really pretty cane at the grocery story pharmacy yesterday, and I thought...hmmm. Mom's is strictly utilitarian--silver grey and not very "individualized". My husband said to give her a couple of plant hangers in two of his plant stands, and she would like that. It's a bit early for putting plants outdoors, but she would like plants.

But today, at hubby's mother's house, I'll have time to knit and crochet, and I plan to do both--because I want to recreate the patterns at home. I am trying to do the blocks for the afghan in a certain size, and I just got back the block from the last period for measurement. I'm tickled at the prospect.

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