Saturday, May 28, 2011

I Am So VERY Sorry!

I took my phone into the Highland Games with the intent to blog and picture every few feet, then blog quick little quips about the picture.

By the time opening ceremonies came, I found that my phone battery had died and I was all done blogging. I was heartbroken. This year was the very best opening ceremonies, and you've all missed it, thanks to me. I am so apologetic, that I can barely stand it.

And I am so sore that I can barely stand

Or sit

So I've spent the last two hours in bed, trying to recover.

The day was not so beautiful, but it didn't rain. It wasn't hot. It wasn't cold. It was darn near perfect bagpipe weather, and everyone sounded so wonderful. I had hoped for a quick video from one of the two top bands--pfft. No camera.

But it was a wonderful day. My friend Ray and I dined on fish and chips afterward, and by the time it was time to leave, I was too tired to really announce it. I drove home, and took off my shoes, turned on the cruise, then took off my socks, 'cuz my feets gotta breathe!

For those who didn't go, my golly, I feel so sorry for ye! It was a grand time, and I even met a scotsman! And he was just a-talkin' and pretty soon I was just a-talkin' right back to him! I asked him

"What brought you to MICHIGAN, for crying out loud!"

And he said--

"There are three stories that I tell ladies when they ask me that question", said he. And I reply--

"Do any involve sheep?" To which he laughed, and told me that he'd tell me the "clean" story.

"I told this one lady in a bar once," he said, "that when I first came here, I was a dentist, and that I met another dentist in a similar bar as this one. I told her that we got to talking, made fast friends, and decided to trade practices now and then. Once in a while, he'd take over for me in Scotland, and I'd take his practice in the USA. And then I'd smile and show her how good my business was doing."

At this point he smiled and showed off several missing teeth, and we both had a turn of LOL.

I met several similar characters throughout the day. I talked about spinning and how it works, listened to the bands play, looked around for my friend Ray, browsed the tourist and crafts, spun some, and just generally tired myself out totally.

When I felt it was time to go, I located Ray, put my wheel in it's case and transported it, backpack style, along with a bag of wool, a bag of knitting and my lawn chair, and we hot-footed it to the car. I think *that* is what did me in--because I couldn't get close with my car before the whole show, and I couldn't get close with my car when I was ready to go, so I had to carry my things back and forth. It just plain wore me out.

Tuckered, I was!

So now, having had a moment's respite, I am blogging the last of my day at the Alma Highland Festival. Ray and I had dinner (fish and chips) and then I drove home in bare feet. Then crawled into bed for a couple hours to recover.

And there you have it. Pretty much. You should have been there to see it. It was GREAT.

City of Chicago won 1st Place Grade I--of course, I don't know this, but having listened to it, I figure that had to be the turnout. Peel Police came in a distant 2nd, IMHO. I didn't even hear the other Grade I band--but Chicago has Chris Barr--the premier drumming instructor this side of the Mississippi, both in the USA AND CANADA...yes, don't be silly. I know Canada doesn't reach the Mississippi...or would the be vice versa? Still a little addled in the brain, I suppose.

Did I say I had a great day?

Well, I came home with one of those ceramic wine glasses. It's blue and is it ever pretty. A pic for you tomorrow if you're good, but for now, it's almost 10pm, and I'm drinking Coke, and a little bit wired for all that. I think I'll head to the car and get my knitting and my phone and plug in my knitting and do some phone in my chair.

Oh, heck. You know what I mean!

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