Friday, March 7, 2008

Another Dishcloth Done and It's Friday once again

And soon, the boss will let me go and be the real me!

Today's plate has but letters to send out. I may even take off early and go see some of my old quilting buddies that I haven't seen for about two years.

What? Quilting?

Oh, yes, before becoming addicted to washcloths and socks...(see below) I was an avid, rabid quilter. I had every book and magazine made--every updated tool. When we moved, I put everything in boxes, and when we started remodeling, I put it all BACK into the same boxes. My husband hasn't finished the remodel yet, and he promises a new studio offshoot in the garage--something which I have specific requirements, if I can't have the room downstairs....but that's another blog entry.

In any case, I have fabric and books etc up the if I get out of work early today to see my friends, it might be fun to take along my little socks that are coming along well...or perhaps a pattern that I've a plan to do for the bathroom--not for USE in the bathroom--you all know that when you put something pretty in the bathroom, you can't allow your husband to use it for any reason, right? I mean, next thing you know it's being used for a hand towel after they've worked on the car.

Why are men GAUCHE?

The dishcloth above is "the stone rolled away", from the Bible's version of the (what we celebrate as Easter Morning, when Christ rose again from the tomb, and left it empty. The Roman guards were quite upset that they had fallen asleep at their posts, only to find out that their dead inmate had either been taken in the night or gotten up and pushed aside a ton of rock and stone and escaped. Wait...a dead inmate. How's he going to get up and walk out if he's dead?

Well, however you believe it happened, or whatever you believe happened that day, celebrate the holiday well, my friends.

Aren't my socks turning out cool?

Oh one last thing...
I finally broke down and wrote the pipe major of Grand Rapids and District Pipe Band. Honestly, I didn't really feel that I needed to give him the satisfaction of knowing how I feel, but I will post my email to him here, since it's more than likely he didn't read it, and I'd like all of you to know the real story -- from my's the email in it's entirety:

"Since your statement to me when Ray, Norm and I turned in our stuff has been replaying in my head for a day or so recently....

You said to me that it wasn't personal.

If it wasn't personal, then what was it, David? And why are Sam and Jeri so angry with me that Sam wouldn't even call me back about corn stove corn?

Let's face it David. I put a lot of effort into the drum corps and into the band itself. For you to blame me for the lack of "improvement" in the corps, when in fact, it was Shirlyn who was holding us back from doing anything productive is pretty much laughable. Sorry, but that's the way I see it. I did everything I could to bring some life into the drum corps, and I believe that I accomplished that--well over and above what you were hoping for--Not only that, I fed the tenor part to the tenors for a drum salute that Ray and I put together, spent hours and hours putting scores on computer to share with anyone who might come into the band, spent time and effort driving to Grand Rapids to improve my drumming, to learn how to bagpipe, not to mention practices and performances--but your website, the database for the ceilidh, the beater covers for the tenors and base--painting drumsticks with glow in the dark paint for St. Patrick's day--I knit hose for Ray and I, and was PLANNING to make hose for you too (until you let me go). I had the yarn in the car and everything, a color that I thought would be really close to the bottle green you were looking for. I also had a line on another skein online that I was about to order, but ended up not--I marched with you guys in parades for an entire season, and performed at every opportunity. I think I may have missed a couple of practices due to the weather, which is more than I can say for anybody else in the band. I made sure that I never had a conflict with the band so that I could support it 100+%.

I had hopes that you would promote me to Drum Sergeant. I know that Shirlyn and I didn't particularly have any great love for each other, and regardless of how you may feel about her, David, AS DRUM SERGEANT she is bad for the band. She DOES have skills in other areas, and even had you made me DS, there was no way in this world that I was going to let her go or try to force her out. She picks things up fast and she IS a good band manager. She could have remained in her post for those things, and I had no problem with that, as you should be well aware. It had always been my belief that it's important to work hard to maintain the personnel in the band--personality conflict aside--bagpipe bands being something of a dying breed. I even went so far as to drive to Alma to get Ray--so that he could come to practice when he totaled his car. That was a bit much for me, and I let Ray know that he would have to get his vehicle in order because I wouldn't/couldn't do it again.

I am disappointed in your decision. That is God's truth. Given what I've done for the sake of the band and how much I cared about it--and yes, I was "this close" to telling Shirlyn to take a flying leap the next time she put the drum corps down for a new idea--I still find it incredible that you'd circumvent that by sending me packing considering all I've done for the good and for the improvement of OUR BAND.

And yes, I've got a couple of irons in the fire. I don't know if I'm going to pursue them or not, considering that I'm not so sure that I want to involve myself in another situation as I did with Grand Rapids, just to be slapped down and basically informed that my friends and I aren't good enough for you. How you can say "it wasn't personal" is seriously beyond my comprehension, beyond that, why you would even say it--seemed to me that it was just "something to say in an awkward moment" that really didn't ring true to my own ears--never mind the fact that I really didn't want to hear it anyhow. Having been knocked down a time or two in my life, it should come as no surprise that I wouldn't want to continue to relate to the person or persons who once again have betrayed MY trust.

Ray was furious, and Norm was pretty angry too. Both were trying to come up with ideas on how to sabotage you guys on MY behalf, and I told them to just let it go, because I simply didn't have any fight left in me. Ray did some things that I wish he hadn't done, but he'd done them and then told me about it. From that point, there was no stopping him. So IF something happened at the ceilidh--I hope you realize that I had NOTHING to do with it. It was Ray, stepping up to protect my honor, I suppose. I appreciate that, but frankly, my heart bleeds from both directions because I still care. Shame on me for that, but that's how it goes, I guess.

Sorry that I didn't live up to your expectations. I'll miss it, and then again, I won't. There are just some things in life that are best left alone, I suppose, but I'm sure we'll run into one another again, and perhaps say hello. In fact, Ray, Norm and I plan on playing in Alma. So we will likely see you then.


Tenna Sutfin, Drummer, Dedicated, Hard working and True as the Rising Sun.
See ya!"

So there you have it.

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