Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Cost of Christianity-Reloaded

I got a comment on my post about Christianity that I wanted to respond to--the comment didn't surprise me, but I thought that p'raps I wasn't completely clear, so I thought I would add a few notes....

Here is the original comment and my response...

troy said...

I respect your freedom of choice, but that's the problem with religion today. Christianity has become a subject that everyone chooses not to discuss because no one wants to ruffle any feathers.thats why the non believers have a much stronger voice. the small few have taken over and squashed the christian voice, not because they out number us but because we choose not to speak our minds. i urge you to start speaking up, declare your side. everyone has the right to choose what they believe but dont let them squash what you believe or stand for. its time for christians to rise up and control our destiny. troy

Tenna Draper said...

I wanted to respond to Troy's statement, hopefully without losing Troy's readership. Thank you for respecting my freedom of choice--that's very admirable of you, and no I'm not being condescending. The problem with religion today is not that Christians don't want to ruffle anybody else's feathers--the problem with religion today is that it's not practiced. We are not to tell other people how they should believe. God is supposed to bring those to us whom HE has called...not the ones WE want converted by hook or by crook. Christianity is a leadership--not a drug to be sold on the corner. It's not the cure all for what ails society, in fact, it causes more trouble than it fixes--I reiterate "the stone that makes men stumble and the rock that makes them fall". It's a choice that you don't make lightly. But it's your choice and mine. Just because we convert someone doesn't bring us closer to heaven's gate. IN FACT, there is nothing we can do, because we are saved by grace, not by works--so no one can boast (about their accomplishments for "God's side".)

In fact, if we ascribe to and practice what is right, then we ARE controlling our destiny. We're just not controlling each other. Big difference, there IMHO.

And what is right?

It's very simple really.

1/5th of the law. Just one fifth!! Because on that 1/5th of those 10 commands given at Mt. Sinai, we only need to follow 2--as the rest hinge on those two, and only on those two.

Love God.
Love each other.

In practice of these two, you are fulfilling the requirements of the entirety of the Law. Not that you have to do it, you just DO IT, but when you fail, you still have the grace that God extends to us, in that "while we were yet sinners" we can still enjoy the bounty and the blessings which that grace bestows on us.

Given that, there really is no need to stand up and control our destiny. Our destiny is already SEALED. It's a GIMME! We're not loving others if we're beating them over the head with meaningless symbolism that we don't practice in our hearts. The word has to be written on the heart. Only God can do that. Even then, so few seeds find fertile soil.

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