Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pictures for the Rope Tension Drum

Will be posted on Sunday.

In the meantime, an update.
I bought more yarn.
Silly me, like I need more yarn!

But this was just too pretty to let get away.

Aurora by Elegant Yarns. Lovely stuff. I'm going to use it for the Dragon Shawl (show in the margin)'s the actual stuff. Isn't it beautiful? I managed to pick up 8 skeins of this stuff...more than enough to make the shawl. So pretty. I can't wait to start it, but I'll have to hold off for at least another month, as that's how long it will take me to finish the fair isle Sweater.

I also got a book on knitted pineapples. This is going to help me to do the pineapples on the sleeves for the Entrelac Sweater (also posted to the right margin). I may have this one done sometime in May, while I work on the Dragon shawl.

I also want to get back to working on the Princess Shawl, although that's going to take a BUNCH of concentration! Ravelry has been really good about making me finish things, but it's also been a big drain on my credit card, and that's simply got to stop. I should also stop driving past the LYS--since I can't help myself from stopping "just to look", and end up coming out with more stash.

Does anyone else have this affliction?

The sheep are fed, the hubby's fed, the dog and cats have been fed, and I've been fed, although I think I will make a potato in an hour or so.

For now, back to knitting.

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