Friday, March 14, 2008

Sleeve #2 is done!

I started the lower hem of the sweater tonight. No pictures yet, as I'm really trying hard to get the hem done. I'm not sure I'll be able to work on it much tomorrow--since I'm going to the Living History Show in Kalamazoo. But even if I do go, if Ray will drive, then I can knit SOMETHING, and I think that I will take a dishcloth.

In any case, if I do get to knit on the way down and back, that will be about 4 hours of knitting time, which should allow for at least one, if not two dishcloths.

I bought some more yarn today (shame on me!). This is for the reversible hat with double knitting technique. The class is next month, so I'm preparing. I also bought another skein of sock yarn. This stuff is beautiful. Fire colors--yellows, reds oranges and what I can only call "smoke". I like those colors. In fact, I have a couple pieces of batik in those colors, and I am loathe to use it in a quilt, because the color lights a fire in my soul that just won't go out.

Well, Just wanted to give an update and didn't mean to get so wordy. I'm going back to my knitting now!

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