Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pokits on the Svetter

I'm going to have to get a picture when the sun comes out, because it's only 5:30am, and the only light on in the house is coming from my puter...but I got the pockets on my fair isle sweater, AND I got the washcloth done from the Have a Heart Ensemble.

I have been just the busy bee.

Lately, though, my little cyst in my wrist is giving me fits. Hey--that rhymes!

It hurts a bit, and cotton yarn tends to exacerbate it, so I think I'm going to put off finishing the i-cord for the back scrubber for now and work on the fair isle today.

First, however, I want to tell you about this dream I had last night, that really spooked me.

I have these recurring dreams sometimes--always about this or that college that I'm attending, where I can't seem to find the room where I'm supposed to be for my next class. I'm horribly lost, and no one else is able to help me to find the place I need to go.

I finally catch up to this Laura Ingels wannabe who is also looking for a class, and since she knows where the office to this school is, she heads right for it. I follow, thinking that perhaps I can find my classroom there as well.

Well, we get to the office, and all the classes an their respective rooms are written on flash cards and set up high on a shelf where you can only see just a bit of them, but I see my room is 749. Ms. Ingels is out of sight, dashed off in another direction to her class. Her books strapped down and dragging behind her on the floor.

So I set off to the "wing" where I believe 749 is, and end up in the wrong wing, turn around, go back, and slip into another wing--to find a huge spacious room filled with everything from soup to nuts. The very back is an automotive garage (not my class), but on my way back out I finally take stock of what I didn't see on the way in! There's a young man doing some sort of surgery on someone on a gurney (well, it might have been a cadaver), and then a young guy in a wheelchair, who didn't seem to belong in a wheelchair. He didn't get up, but I sat in his lap (something I wouldn't do to someone in a wheelchair). I'm not sure if I did that of my own volition or if I was pushed, fell or if he pulled me down---but there you go. Suddenly, I'm in his lap.

Now this guy isn't unattractive--clearly he's a geek--but he asks what I'm doing with this silly grin on his face--and I tell him I'm lost and can't find my class. So he asks me what room is it and what class. I tell him the class name (but now can't remember the name of the class I was looking for--probably something in history, since I don't like it, and wouldn't mind getting lost and in some guy's lap because of it) and the room number.

He says, no--that class is in 249, And when I start to disagree with him over it he tells me

"Look, I'm a seventeen year old know it all smart ass. I know what I'm talking about."

And then I woke up.

The only thing that's really clear is his face and hair. He had a somewhat angular face, while still being somewhat oval shaped, dark brown hair that was cut in a too-short pageboy with lots of body near the ears, piercing yet laughing eyes, and braces on his teeth--not the simple ones with the rubberbands either--these had wires sticking out of his mouth that attached to a wire that went around the back of his head--he resembled the younger Michael Kelso on "That 70's Show". But to the eye, he was far more intelligent than our younger Michael Kelso. I took him immediately for a genius the likes of Douglas Howser--but he was not a doctor. He acted more like he was a teacher. But I didn't have time to reason it out.

Beyond that, what's a 50 year old lady doing sitting in the lap of a 17 year old young man???

After I woke up, I tried to figure out what it all meant. Do we all do that or am I alone in this pursuit?

I wondered if the dream was something of the past--say a "lifted veil", that showed me a glimpse of the past of my family tree. Or was it something of the future, where my son finally has his own son who grows up to be a genius! Or was it something of MY future--in the "next life" as it were, where I am young again and flirting with a 17 year old fellow?

The world may never know.

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