Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ergonomic Chairs

Our office went through and bought everyone ergonomic chairs. They have nice rollers on them, a high adjustable back, a seat that moves up and down, and the back can be made to stay rigid OR it can be made to relax if you want to lean back and close your eyes, stretch, yawn, snooze and drool...oops, got caught there.

Anyway, the chair is supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread. It even has arm rests. I really do like the chair from an aesthetic standpoint.

But (oh, you knew that was coming didn't you!?)

It doesn't fit me. I can't make it fit me. And the arm rests prevent me from getting up under the desk to type, the seat is "slanted" forward, so I feel like I'm always sitting on the edge of my seat, but still too far from my work to be able to accomplish anything. The back, when rigid is set to low to fit the curve of my lower back, and when in "relax" mode, gives no support whatever--unless I'm sleeping--but frankly, the boss frowns on that. I haven't quite figured that one out yet, but I'm working on it! Ya sure, you betcha--right after this nap!

And no matter how high or low the chair is "set", I wrap my legs around the base of it, which puts stress on my back and gives me a backache. Setting a stool underneath only stresses my back more, and lately, I've been having some really bad backaches.

So we're going to see if we can get around to working out this enigma and I might end up with a new chair.

On another note:
Monthly Dishcloth got their last installment for the March Dishcloth yesterday...and of course, I though there would be at least 2 more days, so I put off yesterday's installment--and didn't do it. A dozen people got theirs done, and mine won't be done until I get home tonight. So I'll have to post the picture tonight. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

I pulled the 5 of pentacles reversed--money issues. Hmm. That's everyday, tho!

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