Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Well, for the first time since having internet, I watched a youtube video, without too much interruption. I watched Jeff Dunham and Peanut. Jeff Dunham is probably the funniest ventriloquist I have ever seen, and I like how he does what he does. He's very irreverent, and sometimes his jokes are a bit colorful--but they aren't bawdy or lewd--and the "f" word isn't coming out of his mouth every other syllable. This marks him as totally acceptable for almost everybody but the Sunday night dinner with the pastor and his wife.

Peanut is a Muppet-style creation. Big red lips, pink (or purple, I guess) body, with a peanut shaped leather area on his belly so he looks somewhat like some sort of monkey derivative, but the green tuft of hair on top of his head, and wearing one tennis shoe--well, that sort of gives him away as being a lot more humanized than any ordinary monkey. Peanut is a fun-loving, teasing, happy go lucky, loves to laugh sort of guy. He's the funny-man to Jeff's straight man.

Jeff is an attractive young man of somewhere in his 40's. He's got a retinue of several ventriloquist puppets--Peanut is joined by Walter, Achmed the dead terrorist, Jose Jalepeno on a stick, Walter and a few others. Each one has his own personality and "sound". None of them sound like Jeff himself, which makes you think he should be working for Warner Brothers the way that Mel Brooks created Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porkie Pig and hundreds of others.
I'm sure there are lots of people out there who are just as vocally talented--the guy on Police Academy for one, who had a repertoire of hundreds--perhaps thousands--of different sounds. Jeff is married and I believe has two children--so somewhere in his life, he must have some sense of normalcy, but having seen him on dvd, it's a little hard to imagine having a normal life with this guy. Married to me, I'd have died in the first week--from laughter.

Back to knitting...
Still working on the fair isle sweater. I'm doing the pockets now and I have to get some special holders to put the sweater's pocket opening on, then I can "knit in" the pocket facing about 14 stitches from the center front. From there, it's full steam ahead to the underarm.

At the office, I'm working on a facecloth from the Have A Heart Ensemble. I finished the back scrubber, I just have to knit on the handles. I purchased some bone rings, and then realized that I really didn't make the back scrubber long enough to put fingers into the rings and be able to hold it behind you. So I will make the I-cord loops. It will bend in half, unfortunately, but them's the breaks. Perhaps I can have it in the room "just for show", and make another for use down the road. Not a lot of sense in that, but just trying to think out of the box.

This will be my next project. A double knit hat. I'll be learning the technique at Threadbear in Lansing next month.

Does anybody know where I put my pattern for I Love Gansey Socks?

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