Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A day off from Knitting..

I arrived home from work yesterday, simply exhausted. I fell into bed at 7pm and didn't wake up until 2am, but then fell right back to sleep and even hit the snooze twice this morning!

No idea what I'm doing that's sapping my energy, but I didn't do any knitting OR spinning. I suppose it could have been the stress over the house the my hubby was thinking of buying. He did put a bid on it, but the offer didn't fly and someone else swooped in and snatched up the house for more than the seller wanted for it.

I'm feeling so relieved over that issue.

Today, my back is killing me, and I lingered in the shower (the hot, Hot, HOT! shower) for a few extra minutes, trying to steam off the pain. I let the dog out, fed and watered all the animals, read a couple of emails and looked at Amazon and Ebay. Then head for work.

I'm still sore. I know, I know. Complain, complain.

If I survive the day, I'll go home and knit. That should help.

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