Monday, March 24, 2008

What is the world Coming to?

I work in an office with lots of file folders. This generates a lot of filing, as files are pulled for various reasons for review, and then returned.

Understanding that, one would think that one of the requisites for having a job that entailed a large amount of filing would be that the person could, without much thought, really, recite, know and determine at a glance, the alphabet.

It surprises me sometimes, when I walk into the file room to find Yo's in the middle of the Wo's. Or that Mathews is not the same at Matthews, and that hypenated names come AFTER unhyphenated names---so Jones comes before Jones-Jones which comes before Jones-Smith.

The standard rules about filing seem to disappear in this room. It's no wonder nobody can find the file they want.

So tell me, do they not teach the alphabet in school anymore?

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