Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Project Started

I started a new project at work (for during my breaks and my lunch). I am making the Have a Heart Spa Set from Peaches 'n Creme's website. It's a for purchase pattern, but you can get it free if you buy yarn there. Then you just buy extra yarn so that the shipping evens out, and you're all set.

I think I have it queued up on my Ravelry page, but can't remember. Anyway, the link is here.

What's really cool about it is that you can get it in any color--doesn't have to be the colors specified on the website. I got mine in peach (well, they called it shrimp), and had enough left for another 10 or 11 balls of yarn. I got 4 more in Tea Rose (another peach-y tone, just a bit lighter than Shrimp) and some coordinating colors in ombres! So I'm good to go for, oh, probably years....

For now, tho, watching Stargate SG-1 The Ark of Truth, and now, it's over. Not exactly what I was expecting, and rather "tame" compared to the SG-1 episodes, which I liked very much. I miss the show. I miss Jack O'Neil's character. I'm not really fond of Cameron Mitchell, even if he is something of Jack's character. When he first started, and was using Jack's terminology (such as the phrase "Now, THAT'S what I'm talking about!") I don't know, it just seemed a little irreverent.

I hope the show comes back, but they'll have to find a new "bad guy", unless they bring back the Atlantis crew and slay the Wraith. Somehow, I think that might be a few years off.

Well, I need to go read my instructions on the Philosopher's Wool Fair Isle Sweater. Notice how long that's taking??? I guess I'm really bored with it--even if it is colorwork, it's too much work, for too little payback, I guess. It's all stockinette--nothing there to give a person a bit of a challenge! And knitting with two hands? Piece of cake. So it must be that it's boring me to death that's keeping me from wanting to do it.

I also found another sock pattern that's just calling my name...but I MUST get back to my WIPS.

New mantra....WIPS must be done....Wips must be done...

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