Wednesday, October 8, 2008

And I thought I was sick before!

Well, I finally stopped in to the doctor's office on Friday, and I have Acute Sinusitis! He gave me a Z-pack (which seemed like hitting a mosquito with a sledge hammer at the time), and the second I started the Z-pack, I started getting sicker.

Really sicker.

As in, I couldn't eat, sleep or BREATHE for the last 3 days!

I'm a mess.

Home from work again today, and wondering why I can't just cut off my head and leave it in the corner while I go to the office.

HA! Funny me, right?

So, I thought I'd check the email. My eyes hurt. Tell me how in the world my eyes would hurt? So I decided I'd do a little surfing on the web. Internet is sort of losing it's appeal for me--except for the blogging bit, but even that's been sporadic of late--what with my father in law being so sick, my husband being so sick, my mother in law falling on her face and breaking her eye socket (how in the world does that heal?) and now me.

When it rains it pours, or so I've heard. I probably need to dress and head to MacDonald's for something to eat for breakfast so that I can keep a little of my strength up.

I've also had no stomach for knitting, but I did get some spinning done while sitting in my chair, coughing up my lungs...I have to take it off the wheel now to the niddy, and then I can start another batch of yarn. With any luck, I could conceivably get another skein done in a couple of days if I keep at it--of course, I'd have to stay home ALL DAY. But I can think of worse places to be...

My head hurts, and let me tell you, the food isn't just for sustenance--it's more for being able to continue to take things like Tylenol, antihistimines, decongestants, and drinking lots and lots and lots of WATER. So much water, that I head to the head every hour on the hour, and that's saying something. But Sinusitis does that to you. You have to drink lots of water when you have a sinus infection. The antihistimines dry you out so much.

I bought some woad seeds online, even though I guess the plant itselt is inedible. I can still use it for dying yarn. It makes a pretty blue.

Well, guess I'm going to go get breakfast, as I can't take much more of this sinus headache. Maybe I'll drop into the drug store and get some more good drugs?

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