Sunday, October 26, 2008

Working on Mother's socks

The title today is something of a mistake--since I'm not working on my mother's socks, but UNWORKING them--can you say Tink, Tink? Frog? Ripit?

I had to undo them because when I ripped back to the ribbing, I put in a life line, and didn't do it right, and only got part of each stitch (the yarn is really too soft, and doesn't rip out very well), and ended up frogging out of frustration. Once I'd frogged it, I didn't want to restart it because the top cuff of the socks are a cast on two times as many stitches, then k2tog, p2tog, which is really hard on my wrist, plus my eyes were not focussing correctly (oh, did I tell you it was after midnight when I was working on them?)--so I wound the bobbins and simply put it away until today, Sunday.

Now, I don't want to start them because hubby will be up and awake soon, and we'll be going to breakfast together. We have really nice Sunday mornings.

It's incredibly HOT in here--the stove is going, as it has all night, and it's now 70 degrees in the house. Too hot for me!!! I like about 60 or so. Therefore, I'm blogging in the coldest part of the house to try to keep my brain from melting. It's so warm that the snakes are coming out of hibernation! When that happens, I have to go out to the barn and get a mouse for her, then she'll go back to sleep--hot or not.

There's a very cool pattern on Annie's Attic today, a HOLLY AFGHAN. I printed out the instructions, although it's another one of those "I'll probably never get to make it, but it's just simply beautiful" types of things.

My mouth tastes like I've been sucking on cat toes--did I tell you that my cat sleeps on my chest? So I'm drinking some water. There's a load of laundry in the washing machine, and it's rotating merrily on it's program. I've never had a front loader washer until this one, and call me crazy...

The first time I washed a load of clothes, I watched it do it's thing--sat a chair in front of it, and watched it work--fascinating. Almost better than television? I asked my supervisor once if she understood that, and she said that back in the day, lots of people did that when they got an automatic washing machine. Hmm. And I thought I was nuts?

So I don't have a picture of the start of these socks yet, having unknit them back to the beginning and prepared a little better with bobbins--I might go down a needle size and up a sock size--I'm not having a lot of luck with the needle size recommended--but I usually have to go down a size or two--from normally sized patterns--just to get gauge--so nothing new there.

I'm also considering doing a bit of spinning--that overdyed green I saw at the fiber fair has me wondering how she got that lovely forest color--what she "overdyed". I'm pretty sure it was grey roving--but it could have been a moorit color--which I have none of. I'm thinking time to go to ebay, but I don't want to spend the money.

So, I figure I'll just blog my little heart out about zilch and bore you with inactivity.

I hope that we get the curtains up today.

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