Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Prince and Runt!

These guys have been helping me work on my mother's piggie socks...See how far I've managed to knit!?
That's the cuff and the top of the piggie plus the ear on the right hand side, just in case you couldn't decide what was going on. I finally managed to find some straight needles (as opposed to circs), and the knitting is going much better. I opted to use a little fair isle on one side, and intarsia for the rest, otherwise, I'd end up with far too many bobbins. It's going well, I think, and I've made some progress, as you can see.

I found these guys hanging around at Linen's & Things, a store that's going out of business and having some bonzer sales. Bonzer is good for the pocketbook. I bought curtains for 4 windows--at 30% off--Prince and Runt were in a basket at the checkout counter. Since I was hunting for a present for my mom's birthday coming up, Runt was the obvious choice. Prince followed directly after that, as he (and Runt, too) have VOICES. Yes, my new friends can talk. Prince says "Rippit" (a valuable tool for knitters) and Runt--well, he sort of grunts...but it sounds suspiciously like part of Prince's voice...

Prince will very likely make himself available now for every knitted article I work on from here on out--and perhaps be a stalwart mate for my blogging. He's a cool guy that way!

I joined another german knitting group--Not that I can read, speak or write german, but because they do sock kals--and we all know how much I love socks, right? Can't stay away from them? Addicted to them? Buy yarn after yarn, even though I know that I don't have enough time left in my lifetime to knit everything I see that I want!

Actually, I tell my husband that I'm saving for retirement--because I won't be able to afford any of this stuff once I'm retired. Am I right, or what?

Below is my last pair of socks that I knitted. Not that you should really care, since regular readers here should realize that I'd already posted about these, but I am also in SAM 6, and the person who runs the blog there needs a pic of my last pair of socks because I only gave her a picture of one sock, and to post on SAM, you need a the obligatory entry here so that she can use it for SAM 6.

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