Monday, October 20, 2008

The Hot Pad to Beat All Hotpads

I started this little fluffy project for Halloween--an orange hot pad with black trim and a black cat superimposed on it, from Annie's Attic--a small free pattern, but was so cute that I couldn't resist--at the same time, seeing lots of other applications for it, in different colors of course, for all seasons--not to mention holidays and so forth.

So I downloaded/printed the pattern, and crocheted it up last night, failing to finish it before bedtime, but I have just one more round to go before I can hide the ends and it's done, but it is turning out so cute, and of course, I will post the final picture here.

Monday has come again. They seem to come so much faster these days. I'm hoping for some sort of miracle at work, but so far nothing has been forthcoming. A drawn tarot card shows the 4 of cups, where the person of interest is sitting next to a tree, dreaming about perfection, when there are three perfectly good cups before him. I suppose that means I should stop grousing about how nice it would be to be caught up, and enjoy the fact that I have a job at all...probably a good idea, after the dream I had the other night.

So I'm going to go see what Annie's Attic (see button below on the right) has to offer today, let the dog in and feed her, and then pop on over to the office and see what today brings.

I suppose I could pray for sunshine?

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