Wednesday, October 15, 2008


All my troubles seemed so far away..


Okay, back up, rewind, regroup, eyes front, march..

The other day, I found out that my supervisor must think that I'm an idiot.

She gives me the okay to show the case managers how to do an address change when I ask for it. I spend 45 minutes of my day doing so. Then THEY complain to her about my method--which of course, deals with 4 different computer systems, and needs to be done a certain way to get all the information in one place so that everyone down the line can do their job, including me, RIGHT?

So in their meeting, without consulting me, she okayed for them to do it a different way...creating duplication of effort FOR ME.

I, naturally, was furious. She gave me the authority IN WRITING to do this, and then UNDERMINED ME.

And when I asked her why she undermined me, she counters with "No, it's You that Undermined me! Telling people how to do their jobs is my job, not yours."

Which is true enough--so I countered with "Then why did you give me written approval to show them how to do it, and then take it back without at least CONSULTING ME about the matter? Surely you must know by now that there IS a method to my madness, and a desire to keep duplication of effort at a bare minimum. What you've done is made MY work have to use more effort, because the information that they are passing to me is not complete enough for me to do my job, and if you don't put good job practices in place from the start, when the new systems come up, it's going to be a freaking nightmare! You think it's bad NOW? Just wait a couple of months.

Hell, I had one case manager do an address change, and the parent had an apartment number, which I could CLEARLY discern from the printout of the, but she completely missed the fact that was stating that the address has an apartment #. So I gave it back to the worker, requested she call the parent and get the apartment #.

These people are going to go by the letter, and we'll have invalid addresses EVERYWHERE, because these people don't know where they live! They have dyslexia! They forget they have 5 kids, not 4. The system thinks they have 6, but they only have 5! It's a freaking nightmare.

And for the last 8 years, I've been doing this job.

It's a wonder that I haven't lost my mind.

Um, what's that you say? I should check before I leave for work this morning? Good idea.

Fodder for the psychiatrist, I always say, fodder for the psychiatrist.

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