Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Caylee Anthony

Listen to CNN--Casey Anthony has been indicted! Murder 1 for Caylee, who has not been seen since Christmas.

I remember when the Tarot group notified us about this case. I pulled the 10 of pents and the ace of cups. Mom says she feels that Caylee is close by--this tells me that Caylee is buried nearby, perhaps not in the yard, but in the neighborhood.

I read from the cards that she was buried beneath a pine tree. The face on the cup was her face, and the 10 of pents is situated on the card in a triangular shape, which made me think of a pine tree, rather than a deciduous tree.

Cadaver dogs on the property "hit" in several places in the yard, as well as in the trunk of the car. However, most of the case is being kept pretty hush-hush.

The entire episode reminds me of the case here in Michigan that had entire neighborhoods up in arms for months, while the PARENT'S stood by, apparently grieving, while the entire time they were culpable.

I asked the ether one day "Who Killed Ricky Holland? Where is he?" And the ether brought my father's best friend's face into my vision. His name was Larry Lee Howe. Ricky was finally found. The guilty father who dumped him on the roadside in a swampy area, just off Howell Rd. Howe, LL. Larry Lee Howe.

The whole thing made me shivver.

But I'm pretty sure that the little girl is dead. Today, I drew The Tower, 3 of wands, lovers. The mother is going to lose everything, including her freedom, having made a terrible choice. Somehow, I see some sort of secsual perversion going on somehow, because of the lovers, but it could also be a reference to the mom's boyfriend...who might be a non-issue-I don't know much about his involvement with the family...

It's all so very sad--that such a lovely little girl would be taken from the earth so soon--such a short little life, with no time to have impacted much on the world, except to draw tighter the bonds between normal mother/child relationships.

I hope that justice is realised...very often in child deaths like this, the guilty party does end up behind bars or dead by some other means--it's true what they say--"What goes around, comes around."

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