Friday, October 24, 2008

Getting Organized

It's a sad day when I call "this" organized:

I decided to use the empty box of Fresh Step cat litter, along with a plastic shopping bag insert, to hold USED cat litter. Now, when I clean the cat box, I can take the litter in a little baggie tied up into the garage to wait for the day we go to the dump.

Rather than using the cat food bag, which ends up too heavy for me to carry up the steps.

The empty box of cat litter also has a bucket style handle, which makes it lots easier to carry, and the plastic grocery bags fit in the smaller bucket just perfect, and it makes the smaller bucket "re-usable", but I could use them, as I have so many--but they make PERFECT small trash bags for beside my chair for when I don't want to get up, or I've got a scrap of yarn to toss.

It's really cold in the house this morning--not because it's extra cold outside, however, so this begs the question--where's the cold coming from? The good thing is that it's Friday, and the weekend is upon us, and I just have to get through one more day, and then I'm FREE!

I'm hunting for a pattern for a crocheted or knitted black alley cat. I was looking on Ravelry, and found one for $5, but I'd just as soon find a pattern for free. Even so, the one on Ravelry is really cute, called "Scardy Cat". Arched back, fuzzed out tail, surprised expression, you know the drill.

Still I want to find one that's free, so I might be a while--Halloween will come and go before I find it, I'm sure. Forget it, I'm going over there to download. The magic of credit cards!

I finished the hot pads, and found that my camera's battery is empty, so pics will have to wait for later this afternoon. Sorry, 'bout that.

Well, off to check the other blogs I read and Annie's Attic for today's pattern.

Ya'll enjoy your day!

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