Sunday, October 19, 2008

Saturday/Sunday another weekend

Here, but only for a moment...

I spent my Saturday with my friend, Ray, setting up his computer with a wireless network (very cool) and some new anti-virus/internet software, plus showing him how to create a favorite in Internet Explorer. Wait until he finds out about Firefox--

But I digress. We had to run into Saginaw to get some parts and accessories. I had wanted him to buy MS Word, but he was unable to buy it just now. So he bought this anti-virus/anti-spyware software by Web-something or other (see how short my memory really is?), and then we had lunch at Applebee's, and then we went back to his house to show him "how to install software on his pc.

He's really starting to get to know his computer, I think, but he's still "iffy" on doing things he believes will harm his computer--like installing a program. I figure once you've done it once, and the pc doesn't blow up--hey, you're good to go! He is still at the stage where he's afraid that it will blow up and never work again. I remember those days.

Anyway, when he gets MS Word, I'm going to let him do the install--while I'm there, then I'll show him about the drivers for his wireless printer (oh, man is he SO up to the minute with the latest technology!) and how to take care of those. I let him know that he needs to contact Charter and ask how to set up his email account--so that he doesn't have to use hotmail anymore, and can filter his messages on a piece of client software (such as Eudora). We could chat on irc if the mood strikes him, but that's a bit down the road, when I have time to show him which server to use (there are a ton of them now compared to when *I* was on irc a lot).

I spent the entire day there, writing down instructions on how to do this or that--mostly he likes to surf the web, and he's got a pretty powerful computer to do that--but nonetheless, I left instructions on how to make a favorite and how to create a folder to put it in that would make "sense" later to him. Vista, which everyone says is a memory hog, (and it is, just like every other Windows software) is really pretty savvy, and I think I'm going to get it at some point, and install it on MY computer. Then again, I might save my money and switch over to a MAC--that might take a while.

Word's been that I've been feeling a little stressed--well, with my inlaws being so sick, my back and right arm/hand being in pain, and my husband's job information and my own job being rather unsteady, I'm under tremendous pressure, and the dreams reflect that stress. So I purchased a book this afternoon to sort of "Calgon, take me away...". I haven't started it yet, preferring to work on a hot pad from Annie's Attic.

So, I start to crochet. And this is a pretty cool hot pad--of Halloween ilk-a pumpkin, with a cat on it. So it's sort of a fluffy project--something quick and dirty. I'm hoping that it works out well.

In the meantime, I started reading Ceasar Millan's book, and that's pretty impressive. I'm having fun with that, and watching television about Atlantis--interesting stuff.

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