Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Worked a Whole Hour and a Half Today!

And that's saying something.

I thought I would be in and out--but mostly...I was out.

I got through my voicemail, which filled up again instantly, and answered some calls. I suppose that I should begin from the wake up bell.

Turn off the alarm, there's no fire. I'm not going to make it...I only got 4 hours of sleep last night, most of THAT punctuated by wake up-cough-sneeze-sniffle-cough-blow nose into the handy tissues that I keep in a tissue box on my pillow for just such emergencies-close eyes-cough-and maybe fall asleep again.

I finally arrived at the office at 9, even though my supervisor told me to go home. I stayed until 10:45--doctor appointment for the GP about this sleeping problem I'm having (see paragraph above if you don't remember what I mean).

He gives me an Albuterol treatment and a script for an inhaler and some Afrin.

From there, to lunch, and I dine on Big Mac and Fries. The lettuce was bad, I think--and bad lettuce always comes back on me quickly--too much information?

From there, to PT for my wrist. Did my exercises, all seems to be going pretty smoothly--as long as I don't overstress the tendon, I'm good to go.

From there, to Kroger to get my scripts. I'm standing in line waiting, and that bad lettuce kicks me in the gm...short for glutius maximus--for those less informed, the south end of my north? Me BUM?

So drop of the script and run, not walk, to the bathroom, and not to toot my own horn, but I did.

Once out, picked up my script, and back to the car. 2:30pm. If I head back to the office, I can work another hour before it's time to go home. I decide that it's just not worth it.

Originally, I thought I would be in and out. I paid full price for my parking, and I was only there for an hour and a half. I could have parked on the street for fifty cents. I'll have to talk to the parking attendant tomorrow and have him cut me a deal on tomorrow's parking, because I paid for the whole day, but only used 1.5 hours. NOT FAIR.

So now, I'm off to knit my fool head off. I got my Knit Picks magazine today. There's a lot of goodies in there that I'd like for Christmas...


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