Sunday, March 1, 2009

I Am On The Hunt Contest!

I am looking for a pattern. My father-in-law was the recipient of a small lapghan when he was in the hospital dying--the pattern is just to die for. I wanted to make it in a bigger "ghan", but can't find the stitch pattern.

I was just wondering if anyone has seen it...
Isn't it pretty? I figure that it's some sort of diamond lace lattice pattern with a little lacy cable in between with reverse stockinette--but you know how it is--when you want something badly, you can't even name that tune--let alone remember who the artist is, or where you might have seen it last.

I want the pattern badly enough to offer up two skeins of my white romney 100% wool--beautiful stuff, just waiting to be dyed--enough to make a really stunning scarf or to knit a pair of mittens--because it's not just me that wants to make it--my mother in law would also like to knit it and wants me to teach it to her.

So Consider this the Contest. First one to email me with a link to the pattern WINS, and I'll mail the wool out the following day...


Yesterday, we drove to my mother in law's house and spent time with her, then we all drove over to my stepdaughter's house and had a nice supper with her family. We were out all day long with family and friends, grandchildren and noise...

In other words, it was a totally marvelous day! We were pretty glad to get home, exhausted from the day's events and the driving--plus neither hubby or I are used to having children around--not that we don't like it, because that's not it AT ALL! We're just not used to it, so it just wears us out as much as we love the grandkids. I'd like to baby sit more, but we're sort of farther away than more local sitters, so we almost never get the kids out this way.

I got a tad furious with my dog when we got home. She was excited to see us, having not seen us all day, and of course, wanted attention--but we were pretty "attentioned-out", and she ended up scratching me under the chin with her claws--I was furious because she wouldn't mind and settle down, and when she scratched me, I pretty well blew up and put her down on her bed and told her to stay there until she could function like a stable dog!

Imagine that? A stable dog?

Anyhow, she did lie down for a few seconds, and I had to put her back, over and over, until I tired of getting off my chair for the nth time. By then, however, she had calmed down, and I could pet her head.

All night long I dreamed. I am not certain why, but I dreamed about my ex over and over again. So when I woke up, I drew cards on the issue, inquiring what was going on with HIM. Yesterday, I drew the Wheel of Fortune reversed--which means a downturn of luck usually, so when I asked what was going on, I drew the Lovers reversed (a bad choice) and the Ace of Swords (the Beginnings of Difficulties) entitled Intellect--meaning that the choice would have repercussions that would affect other areas of his life that he hadn't considered. So the dream was to tell me that he's having some real problems and making some really bad decisions, and basically, his life is going to take a real tumble--which may cause me to feel really sorry for him.


Well, okay, maybe from the standpoint that no one should have that much trouble in their lives, and let me tell you, I've had lots of those myself. Right now, though, I seem to be having a really strong, stable and happy life, and I'm drinkin' it all in like it was well-aged bourbon! Slowly--savoring every drop.


So help me find the pattern--or just the stitch pattern--so that I can make a bigger afghan.

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maz said...

Hi Tenna,
if you want I could make it up going after the picture. Just drop me a mail and I will work on it.