Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Almost Bedtime...

It amazes me how when you work until 6pm, that the evening just seems to fly by--especially when you want to go to bed at 9pm because you've not paid enough attention to your need for sleep for the last two days.

You just sort of nod off a little...zzz

Then you wake up again realizing that you're in the middle of a sentence, and decide maybe it's just time to pack it all in, forget about knitting anything for the evening, turn on the television, which has absolutely NADA interesting on a Tuesday night, and then you come and blog.

Not really much to say, outside that I didn't get any knitting done today due to the fact that I worked 9 1/2 hours and didn't get home until 7pm--had to make supper AND start the corn stove, which my husband so nicely left for me to do--meanwhile the house is freezing, and I'm seriously thinking about that card for the divorce lawyer....grumble, grumble...

Actually, I'm really not, but it makes a good story, and of course, I won't ever allow him to think that he's got one over on me. When he gets home, I'll be sure to have the cast iron skillet in bed with me. Teach YOU to let the stove go out!

Well, it's so nice to fantasize, but really, I have to get some shuteye--I'm back to work on the Entrelac Sweater. I got the tab done in the front, and now I'm dispairing about the neckline--and what sort of treatment I want to do there. I could do a standard neckline. I could do a stand up collar (maybe). I don't see many sweaters that look something like a shirt, so it's tough to imagine what exactly I want to do there. I'm almost afraid that it's too BIG an opening--and that it will end up hanging off my shoulders--or that I'll have to ADD to it in order to skinny up the opening--or sew it together a bit to make it slightly smaller--I'm just not sure how I'm going to proceed.

Bed calling. Goodnight for ..zzzz

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