Friday, March 13, 2009

It's Miller Time!

Well since I can't drink, ya'll are going to have to celebrate for me, because it's


And tomorrow I have a BUSY day planned.

First, to rise and shine with the sun.
Second, to take a shower.
Third to get the dishwasher emptied and refilled with dirty dishes.
Fourth, to fold the clean laundry and put it away.
Fifth, when the dishwasher is done, to start laundry washing. Then PLAYTIME!
Sixth, head into town and watch the Glen Erin Pipe Band on parade!
Seventh, to come home and knit on the Entrelac Sweater.

I haven't knit any on it for two whole days--reason? Because I've been totally tired, and in order to do lace, one must be bright eyed and bushy tailed...and let's face it--I haven't been either for a couple days.

I have good news and bad news, which would you rather hear first?

Okay, the good news..I am finally debt FREE! Well, except for the house, which pleases me beyond measure, and this time, I cut up the credit card and cancelled the account, and I'll never have another credit card (not even if my hubby leaves me!). Never ever again! I'm swearing off them, cold turkey!

At least until I want to buy a newer computer.

The bad news? Well today is my last day to enjoy my evenings, as my hubby is moving back to the day shift, which means that he will be home before I get home in the evening, and I'll have to go back to cooking his meals and cleaning up after, which means I will have NO time to knit, NO time to relax and NO time to run after young, single men.


Did I just say that? Freudian slip, perhaps? Not!

Anyway, it will be nice to have him home, just not nice that I have to cater to him--and as much as I love him, I love my time alone. I can make a cheese sandwich if I want. I can make a roast for supper if I want (but I usually don't), and I will miss the freedom that being by yourself allows. Of course, all this will change again when he retires, which will be April 1--coming up REALLY soon.

So I have to get out my "Honey Do" Pen and get busy--that would be Eighth on my list. Maybe I should quit now, while I'm ahead?

From there, things get complicated, because hubby will wake up at some point, and have to stay up until MY bedtime, and then he'll have to sleep with me--which will put my schedule off, while trying to get his sleep pattern back on schedule--and he doesn't sleep well with me. Probably because I'm female--but I digress.

So this weekend will encompass many changes. Too much to do! And I have to get some knitting in there somehow. Right now, trying to figure out how to make my lace around the cuff to look "seamless"--and I'm not entirely sure how I'm to do it. The lace is knit perpendicular to the sleeve--

Now I could start with waste yarn, but how do I tell if it will end off at the same pointish where I started when I get back around to the beginning?

My head is starting to hurt again.

You know, I think that I might be overthinking this a lot, but I really want it to look nice and, well


I might have to get with some of the lace knitting friends on one of my lists and ask some questions about how to work it so that it comes out about right?????? That sounds like a plan--on that I intend to follow up on..

just as soon as I take some aspirin.

In the meanwhile, perhaps a pair of mindless socks?

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