Monday, March 23, 2009

Another Dishcloth Done!

Actually finished last night, and forgot to put it on my blog post for this morning, but it's so pretty. I think it deserves it's own page--I have already posted it to Ravelry, so you see it in the margin--but here it is:
See? I told you it was pretty. I think I'll make another, this time in scrappy colors--maybe alternate red and white, or perhaps just multi colors--the ideas just go nuts with this one.

I've got spin night tonight, but I'm going to knit on my shawl. That is, if I can concentrate.

Hubby is still wrestling with the decision--to stay or to go--retire or stick it out. He doesn't know which way is up he has gone through the numbers SO many times. It's not fair that they are keeping secrets from their own employees. Tell him where the money is, and that's where he'll go--otherwise, he will retire. I mean what is the point of making him go through all of this stress?

He's off on some errands right now, so a bit of a reprieve from all the wrangling in his mind. I would imagine that he's had quite enough of it, and frankly, I have had enough of it too.

We did our taxes on Sunday and I mailed them today.

I got a file from the MMario group (from MMario himself!) for an edging to put on my Entrelac Sweater. I may just finish that sometime this week, but with hubby home in the evenings now, knitting time is hard to come by. So what I can grab, I do, and knit on the shawl.

I had hoped to get some done today, but I had so many other things to do, that the time was just never right. It's in the car, going to Spin Night. Right now, I'm wrestling with a "what should I eat"...because really what I want is FAST FOOD. Specifically, McDonald's because I had some on Saturday, my body is saying "YUM! MORE!!!" while I say "not today..we'll have something at the house..." but there is literally nothing quick to eat--except carbie pizza! Which is quick, but will put me over the top with sugar. I had sort of a carbie meal at lunch too, and didn't want to overdo tonight, but with it being Spin Night and all, well, the time just doesn't allow for it.

What to do, what to do?

I need to eat, but would really prefer some soup and a grilled cheese, but my taste buds are saying NO NO! McDonald's! I guess I should have eaten elsewhere on Saturday, because my body is really craving McDonald's right now. How to get past it?

I honestly don't know. Maybe I'll make a pot pie.

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