Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Day After Saturday....

Yes, I realize that it's Sunday. I haven't attended church in YEARS--mainly because of the way my home church treated me when my husband left me. Nevermind that he likely told them all that I had cheated on him (which was a lie from the word go, but I digress). I basically became a pariah in the midst of married families. I never felt so out of place in my life. Eventually, I stopped going.

I moved to a new area, and began going to another church, but I was so desperately lonely, and the church really didn't provide solace for me there either--even though I joined the choir and sang in a couple cantatas, I just didn't "feel" as if I belonged there. So I left there and found another church that I liked very much, but hubby didn't like it, and so I am churchless once again.

That's okay. I have my knitting. I really do miss singing in a choir. It's something that's been missing for a lot of years when I didn't exactly feel like singing--and now, I miss it, because I'm not as lonely as I used to be. Does any of that make sense to my shawl-knitting-addled mind? Not a bit.

I have a cousin in law with ALS. Lou Gehrig's disease. Nasty stuff. Don't catch this if you can help it--I'm being silly, because this disease in just a horrible thing. I don't deal well with horrible things, and so make jokes--that really aren't funny. Anyway, my cousin in law just bought this van with a lift in it, and now it won't start. She's freaking out about it--and needing a mechanic in the worst way, but my step son hasn't the time to work on it (nevermind that she lives nearly 2 hours away), and my husband's best friend is very ill--so he can't work on it, and so I'm praying that some soul from the church will find out that she needs a little bit of help and go over there after church and take a look-see at her difficulty.

So David, if you're reading this, please go to my cousin's house and fix her car! LOL!

Before Poppa died, when he found out that she had ALS, and how quickly she was going down, he muttered to mom that she might not be around by Fall. I don't know how she keeps her spirits up. Seriously. ALS is a Muscular Dystrophy Disease, and while some people live for years, my cousin in law has always been what I call "borderline ano
rexic" ie--she doesn't eat right, and I'm concerned that it might have been her downfall.

In happier news, I am to row 110 on the shawl. Pics....

And the pin, better pic this time, with my shawl underneath....

Hubby is still haranguing himself over not retiring, and trying to decide what he wants to do from here, or whether he WILL do anything from this point forward. He's having troubles over it--it's affecting his sleep and everything--making him a grumpy BEAR...and so I asked the cards. Which they said, basically...

Sticking it out, and not taking the step off the precipice (retirement) is proving to be NOT the sunny day you were expecting, and while the sun IS still shining, the opportunities you hope for may end up feeling like you're wishing on a star. The hard work you're putting in to figure out your financial ability in the next several years would be best reviewed by a professional, because you're only confusing yourself with details. You need to give it a rest, continue to utilize prudence in your financial endeavors and you will attain success. But it was not immediately forthcoming--I had to draw 9 cards to get this much. This could mean that things will clear up in 9 days, 9 weeks, 9 months or 9 years. Hubby wasn't happy with 9 years....but I think consulting with a financial professional would do him a lot of good.

Beyond that, we are planning on going to breakfast this morning. Sound good?

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The Knitted Squirrel said...

I understand about the frustration of ALS. My Mom died of it 17 years ago. 2 years after she was really was a horrible disease. My thoughts are with you and your family!