Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Another Owlie

Why does that sound like it hurts?

Anyway, I'm working on another owl, and this one is ready to put together--I need a small bit of grey yarn for his beak--a few stitches to attach limbs, and voila! Owlie!

After this the plan is to make a new bag to carry stuff in--I'm thinking about making the cable bag I saw on Ravelry with a bit of a twist--using the cable pattern I found on one of the forums there--it shoult turn out pretty spiffy. I hope that the yarn I bought today on sale at JoAnn's will hold up and give me good stitch definition.

While at JoAnn's Ifound some Red Heart heart and sole--in the toasted almond colorway, but there were only 2 skeins left, and they weren't the same dyelot. I figure that I'm going to have to knit both colors at the same time--alternating skeins so that the colors don't look like they came from different dye lots--which should result in some interesting pooling results!

I'm picking up the check from the refinance for our house today. Afterward, I'm heading to the library to renew my library card--then I'm going to download books to my MP3 player to listen to while driving on the commute from here to there and where ever this life might take me--so expect a book review soon!

Happy Trails!

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