Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We Have a Winner!

No sooner did I make the contest available, as someone wrote me to tell me the pattern is in the Harmony Guide to Knitting Patterns book 2--Connie Sutcliffe gets to claim her prize. I sent her an email requesting her address for her 2 skeins of white romney yarn. My own beautiful handspun, which can be dyed any color of her choosing--or not at all, if she wishes.

And in fact, I do have that self-same Harmony book--although it is in a box downstairs, and there are several boxes, which I will need to hunt through to find the diamond lace pattern. She said that the other small cable is in the same book. I believe it. I will set about knitting this lovely 'ghan soon.

I also pulled a card this morning. I want to know if my ex is going to show up at the Living History show, which falls on March 21 or 22 this year. What can I say? It's a stupid fixation--I'm really mad at him. Not only did he tell all of our friends that he was planning on leaving me in front of my 10-year old son, he also threatened my son with his life if he told ME. Imagine that sort of behavior from a grown man?

My only hope is that his wife reads my blog to find out what sort of womanizer he was with me--the girls (and I don't mean girls his age) coming up to me to tell me that he was "coming on" to them. The neighbor next door who said he "came on" to his wife. The time my ex told me that his best friend told him to never darken his doorstep again--made me wonder later, if my ex had done something inappropriate with HIS girlfriend.

Oh yeah, my ex was a real keeper, NOT.

Then after how I heard he got caught in bed with a 16 year old girl!

I'm not supposed to be upset about this sort of thing? If his current wife reads my blog (and it's likely she does), I have heard him call my name outside my bedroom window at night. I have dreamed about him screwing around with a long haired red-headed bimbo while married to you (search my blog--you'll find the story--look for "motorcycle"), plus the behavior of sleeping on the couch, and the cards told me all about him losing his job before it ever happened.

So I keep track of the guy--mainly to make sure he doesn't come around me so that I can be prepared with a rifle and buckshot. If he ever darkens my doorstep, it will be too soon. You need to know that my fixation isn't because I want him back, it's because his behavior is darn near demonic to me. He doesn't deserve to have children. He doesn't deserve to have a wife that he can contemplate murder over. He doesn't deserve to live. Frankly, if I could hate anybody, it would be him.

So the card I draw this morning is to find out whether he will be at the Living History Show so that I can arm myself. You should also know that it's his plan to go to the Eastern High School Reunion on July 25, which will be held less than 20 miles from me--he is always looking for ways to get a little closer to me so that you don't get the idea that he's pulling one on you--elsewise, he's going there to find another woman that you won't know anything about until it's too friggin' late. Be ON YOUR GUARD. He cannot be trusted.

So the card is:

Ace of Cups reversed. Aces mean beginnings. Reversed they mean endings (sometimes) or prevented from beginning. Cups being and having to do with love/relationships. It could mean that his marriage will soon be over, leading to sorrow and a review of his life and what he's done to deserve "all this". Or it could mean that someone hurts his feelings on the shorter end of the stick, but my intuition tells me the former.

I pulled cards for a friend recently, asking the cards about a person I do not know. The cards told me that she was in an abusive relationship, and that she should choose to go her own way without the guy. I know nothing about her, so I'm interested in finding out whether my reading was on the mark or not--they have been before, so it's very intriguing. If I'm "on", then she's offered to make an exchange for my services. Otherwise, I'll have to pay....which isn't a big deal for me, but being able to share my gift that way is really cool. We'll see what happens, and I'll let you know here.

Work is the same, and if I'm to get there, I should leave 10 minutes ago...so BYE!

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