Tuesday, March 17, 2009

When there is even more Fretting

I think I've finally got the pattern ready for below the waistband--I picked up stitches and did a row of eyelet inside a rib, which looked much better that the stockinette that I started with and ultimately FROGGED. I also went down two needle sizes, and it lays fairly flat now.

But I am still at a complete loss as to how to do any sort of pattern to match the sleeves, just done DIFFERENTLY and LONGER. So I am still stewing basically. What's weird is that I can *see* it in crochet. I can't see it in knitting. Not because I don't know enough about knitting itself because I've knit for over 40 years, but because I don't want to do the WORK, only to find out it's NOT WORKING! I really hate ripping. So much that I will knit an entire article that I don't like the look of after all, and simply give it away or simply call it a learning experience and let it take up room in my bureau drawer--that's how much I hate to rip.

So I will give it another day to gel in my mind. In the meantime, I sewed on the buttons and they work perfectly. A pic tomorrow!

In the meanwhile, I have some seriously good news. I have lost just a ton of weight over the last several weeks. You see I haven't really been watching it, and I stayed at 206 for the LONGEST TIME, wondering

"Why am I not losing weight?"

This morning I got on the scales, and they say 187! But I'm a little dubious about it--since I weighed 196 on Saturday, which was only 3 days ago, and I doubt I can lose 10 pounds in 3 days--it just doesn't fit. But my older jeans are saying it's a valid loss--and I'm starting to be able to put on some of the older clothes--which are still fashionable (thank god for small wonders). But it's making me wonder what I'm doing differently that's causing me to lose so quickly. I'll check my weight in a couple more days and if I find that I've lost another 10 pounds, I'm going to go buy a new scales.

I can't tolerate a pair of lying scales...no matter how nice they talk to me. Of course, I wouldn't want a set that said "GET OFF!" either.

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cici said...

Congratulations on the weight loss. It's awesome when it happens and your not trying♥