Sunday, March 15, 2009


Okay, I finished the other sleeve yesterday, and unpicked my provisional cast on for the waistline only to find out it wasn't provisional at all---

It is a tubular cast on!!!!!!! Oh dear. Another setback? How could I forget that I made this nice, lovely sort of cast on for this sweater which makes it nearly impossible to add a lace panel to the lower edge without looking totally ridiculous and slapped together??????? OHMYGOD!

So as I pulled out the waste yarn, the stitches just sort of folded over onto themselves, and made a very NICE finished edge,

and now I'm wondering if I should pick up stitches to make the lace edge along the waistline, as the sweater is a bit...


short. No pic here, as I'm just too embarrassed.

And so I'm back to fretting about the best way to pick up those stitches to add a 2" border to the waistline edge. The rest looks lovely, and while I fret, I'm going to go to JoAnn's and pick up about 3 small pearlie buttons for the tabbie front.

Okay, so having said all that, while I'm waiting for my Ebay bidding to finish up, I'll sew on the buttons. But I didn't get it done, so I'll have to do it tonight...durn it.

And then decide what to do about that midriff hugging, too short a length--I think what happened is that when I originally measured for the waist, I didn't allow for the neckline to pull up a bit--and that's why it's now a mite too short. I've even thought of doing a different lace entirely, but it depends on my method of picking up stitches from the tubular cast on--I can't believe it turned out SO NICE only to be SO SHORT.

Oh well. Life hands you lemons now and then--and you learn to make lemonade, God willing. Of course, God's been watching this entire process, but let me make it too short ANYWAY! I call that neglect, what about you?

I will figure this out. I think I can, I think I can. Maybe a trip to the LYS will provide a hint--it's worth a shot, and on the way to the JoAnn's store. In the meantime, I can get myself a bit of breakfast, too. So I wait for Ebay, do a little blocking, wait for Ebay, do a little blocking--and then take off for the craft store!!!

In the meanwhile, I peeked about on Ravelry, and found a very nice Shrug here and a really cool pattern for a pair of fingerless mitts here for which there is no pattern yet--but there will be, and they are SERIOUSLY on my todo list. Plus there's about 3 pair of socks and 2 books on order at Amazon--Cookie A. has come out with a new book on how to make socks that literally pop on your feet, and make your legs look like you really care about them...and another book, which I can't remember it's name at the moment, but it's due out sometime this month, so it will be like Christmas in July, only in March.

Also, there are shawl patterns on the MMario listserve that I want to try very badly, but before I can do that, I have to complete the Princess Shawl--which I set aside about 2 years ago for other things--I think I have 30 repeats of the border to go, and the pattern starts by making the border, so I am only like, 1% done with it. The pattern is difficult, but not impossible. I'm just being lazy. But the Peacock Snowflake (also on Ravelry) is a must do. A circular shawl that pins out with massive points--and is so intricate in the center that, dear god, if I am able to do it, I will. But it's one of those things that you don't wear, but that you put on black velvet and behind glass and display it on the wall instead of the plasma television!

And Monthly Dishcloths KAL starts today, too--nearly forgot that!

And a pullover done in the same slip-stitch pattern as the February Mid-Month that I considered to be the dishcloth from hell--seen on Ravelry, but only in the baby size...what a cool pattern for my husband as a pullover? Well, that's going to take some calculation there---measuring, and then more measuring, but I think I can make it--and it would take no time at all!! I figure if someone from my knitting group can make a pair of socks with that waffle pattern, then a pullover should be no big thing! All I can say is that it's on the table.

And what about my Aran Bag? I have the pattern now, and the yarn--and the purse handles. I just have to start it...and and and

I believe...


Oh Dear.
A cute pattern for a dishcloth on Ravelry...with a teapot on it! It's precious! This is the trouble with Ravelry. There are just so many cute patterns! You know, I think it's so new, that I can't even access it yet! How bad is that??????? But I've been watching Ravelry pretty closely lately, and while I don't have a credit card, I do still have a card--after a fashion which I set up special just for online ordering...and when I need to buy something, say through PayPal, I call the bank and transfer just enough funds to cover and then I send payment. It's been working really well, and keeps the balance low in that account so that if somebody WERE to break into my files and such, they wouldn't get much in the way of real money.

Not that I'm loaded mind you. But you should check out some of my purchases on Ebay--orange and blue sock yarn by Cherry Tree Hill and some Zephyr Laceweight for the Snowflake Peacock Shawl that I have on my todo list....

So, here goes nuthin'~!

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