Thursday, March 5, 2009

Owlie Finished! On to the Next Project!

Next project is the Dishcloth Monthly KAL for March. I'm only 4 days behind on it, but should catch up by this evening. I had hoped to begin on a purse, but think I'm going to save that for the weekend when I can spend more time with it.

In the meantime, I found another lace group on Yahoo, making charts of some really lovely stuff. It's a Dutch-speaking group (of which I know very little except for the sometimes "germanic" language similarities--except I don't speak a word of German either), so it's likely that I won't be participating in the group's dialogs. My main focus would be the files section, which is full of some lovely stuff. I'll be forwarding notice to some of my other lace groups about it.

What's bad about lace groups is that while I love the look of lace, I actually have very little use for it--except perhaps in the case of table wear and doilies--but add a couple cats to the mix, and even that is sort of an effort in futility. Cat hair gets into everything--and cats just love to sit on doilies that you leave on the table--furthering their evil plot to put their mark on the pretty things I own. So I tend to box up my doilies and table cloths for bare naked furniture--at least you can clean cat hair off a solid maple table top, right?

But I love the look of lace. I love the feel of it. I love knitting it. I don't get enough of it. Now, I realize that the Princess Shawl has been languishing in my UFO pile for too long (years), and I've been considering going back to it, but I don't like the yarn. It's actually THREAD--something that my mother would sell her soul for, but it's not something that I would have chosen to make this particular shawl. First off, I like to be able to SEE what I'm knitting. I don't know, I guess it's just a THING with me. The end result is some really spectacular lace, but the effort to get there almost doesn't seem to be worth it! In this thread, the shawl is HUGE, so making it in a lace-weight wool would make a shawl that would cover up 14 people, including the dog! So, maybe not going in that thread it is. I know where the pattern is. I know where the border is that I halted before reaching the 81 or something like that points before I laid it down and began something else...never to pick it up again. There are so many other things I really must finish first.

So tonight, I will work on the dishcloth. Tomorrow, I will start a lace bookmark, and get my quota of lace in. Saturday, I'll start a cable handbag. Sunday, I'll pull out the Princess Shawl and see if there's any point in continuing. Sigh.

Oh, one last thing. There's a book for learning Tarot on the web. Margarete Dolff was hoping to find something of the sort. Good luck, Margarete!

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