Thursday, March 26, 2009

Civil War Shawl Redux

Having said all that on the previous day, my friend Mary tells me that I am actually in the middle of the 4th WEEK of the Knit A Long--having knit for ONLY 4 days (now 5) and I'm going to begin row 88 tomorrow afternoon.

There are currently 480 stitches on round 87.

I found a small hole in my knitting, which I can deal with later, but it ticks me off, since it's in the first, oh, I don't know--12 rows? I probably dropped a stitch and then picked it up incorrectly, but it's an easy fix to make, so I am not worried.

Won't that bother me?

No, not in the slightest little bit. I am NOT ripping out 66 rows just to fix a hole. When I fix that hole (without dropping down, without ripping, without a care in the world), NO ONE--not even me--will be able to see it or find it.

And that's the truth, but right now, it's a pretty glaring thing. I marked it with a safety pin so that I wouldn't forget about it (Like I'd forget about something like that--a mistake in my knitting!).

I took a bunch of pictures tonight, and I'm waiting for my program to come up to transfer the pictures from my Blackberry to my computer. It's taking a lot longer, because my virus scanner is running. Things always go slow when the drive is accessing.

Pic of the latest? Yes.
I suppose I should put it on a bigger cable now...result..

In my travels today, I decided to stop at the MegaMall Antique Store. They were having Red Hat Day. You know I can't miss a good sale right? Well, I found this Broach, and thought it pretty enough to wear with my Civil War Shawl. I have no idea if it's from the era or not (doubt it), but it will go quite well with my outfit, so here it is.A better pic coming tomorrow. I can't believe how bad the pictures come out on the Blackberry.

After work, I went grocery shopping. I won't bore you with the details, but I did manage to buy only one thing not on my list--bread. Go figure. When I arrived home, I began knitting, and I didn't stop until 10pm. I only got 8 rows done, but I'm still doing well. I hope that I have passed the 5 week mark.

I took a ton of pics of my animals. Most of them were bad. This was the best one.Yes, that's my Honduran Milksnake trying to hide under a plastic deli cup--you'll note that she's not hiding very successfully, right? The little black spot just beyond the edge of the cup is her nose. I do believe she thinks she's peeking out at me. She's lying right atop her heating pad--and fast asleep--hibernating. My boa constrictor won't even poke a nose out right now, but the weather is becoming nicer, so she will likely make her presence known in a short while. She'll be very hungry when she does, as she hasn't fed all winter, and is still hibernating also.

Yes, I have snakes. So? It's not like they're poisonous or anything! And they're too small to do any harm to me or any of my animals. So they are fine--and they keep the in-laws out of the house! LOL!

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