Wednesday, March 18, 2009

One Upload Short of a Full Blog

What does that mean, you ask?

It means, dear reader, that I was skunked this morning!

I emailed myself a couple of pics to put on my blog during the day--I had intended to blog a bit on my lunch break--sadly, it would appear that either the pics were too big, causing the email server at the office to toss it in the rejected pile, OR the email server at the office has blocked my yahoo! account from sending in any email.

This is a problem, because sometimes, I will be at home, and I will need to send myself a reminder to put something on my calendar. I suppose from now on, I will have to access the email at my work account, and send myself a picture through my work account to myself at my work account.


But anyway, here's the results of my endeavors yesterday evening. I begin with the first 3 installments from the Monthly Dishcloth Yahoo! Group, which is going along gangbusters, and the dishcloth is shaping up very nicely.

I even like the colorway--though not so much in the ball--it looks pretty good on the cloth!

And I've only done a circular cloth once before, so this is a new one for me--I'm hoping that I don't run into the issue with finding out that I should have used a provisional cast on, but I'm thinking with this pattern, things should be okay.

Later in the evening, JPFun Crochet had a cute little snowflake--this bugaboo was only 2" wide, but it took nearly 2 hours to crochet, and when I was done, I WAS REALLY DONE. I mean, so tired of crochet that my hands hurt. I blocked it. I haven't yet woven in the ends--that comes tonight, and then I will crochet a little chain in one of the clusters, and hang it on our fireplace mantle at Christmas time. I think it's adorable!

And then, a friend of mine and I discussed the possibility of doing a knit along on the Civil War Shawl--A La Sue Pufpaff--who is a native Michigander--this is a BIG, circular pi shawl, flat in the middle and ruffly around the edges--a full 72" in diameter monster that, of course, I want to knit for my Re-enactor garb. It comes with requirements for 9 skeins of fingering weight yarn--this is darn near 2 pounds of yarn, my dears, and as they say in France "tres cher!" If I buy the yarn required for the pattern from a Mill outlet, I pay nearly $9 a skein, and that totals $81 for the math challenged. Now, I am a yarn addict, I will admit. I am a pattern addict. Freely, I also admit to that! And my name really is Tenna. Say hi to Tenna...but to drop nearly $100 in one sitting for yarn when my car is making funny noises, is not the thing to do!

So I'm thinkin' layaway?

Anyhow, I have to connect with the mill, and see if I can arrange it. If not, I'm back to square one figuring out what and how I'm going to make this shawl, and it MIGHT end up using the shetland wool that I spun up for a fair isle sweater..the heathers are right, the weight is just a little heavier than fingering, but it could work--of course, I wouldn't be able to carry it anywhere but on my back--end result would probably weigh 3-4 pounds, and that's a lot to carry on your arm all day long. At the end of the day, it would feel like so much tonage...not only that, but I would need to use a slightly larger needle, resulting in a massively larger shawl--and end result would be something that could stretch from here to eternity.

So at this point, I'm not sure how I'm going to proceed. I am quite sure that I have enough Shetland Wool to spin for this, and once knitted, I could then dye it any color of the rainbow that I choose.

I had also considered a place called Astrid's Dutch Obsessions. She's got some lovely yarns, mostly in laceweight, but some are bearing on fingering--I thought hmmm...maybe. We'll see. The problem with Astrid, unfortunately, is that she is overseas, and it takes a long long while to get here for some reason, what with customs and all that rot. It's got all these drugs and guns in the package you see.

Maybe I shouldn't have told you that.

But it's on the to do list, now, and a serious consideration. I suppose I could also buy some broadcloth, cut it into a circle, crochet around the outside edge will turning under the raw edge, and make the ruffle ONLY around the outside--somehow, I don't think that the effect would be the same.

On the way to work this morning, was this beautiful beginning, which was the portend of a lovely day. Unfortunately, it turned a little too brisk for the walk to work, so I did wear a coat.

Um, I think I need gas. I really shouldn't take pics while driving!

And, the Entrelac Sweater in progress--still waiting for the book with the pattern I will use for the lower edge...coming to a library near you next week!

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