Monday, March 23, 2009

Getting Way Ahead of myself!

This Friday, I started the Civil War Shawl a la Sue Pufpaff. I figured I would have it done over the weekend--but alas, life intervenes.

Saturday morning, earlier than the birds, Ray drove in, and together went to the Living History Show held in Kalamazoo at the fairgrounds. Very interesting day. I got a little carried away with the camera, taking pictures and all that--but I wanted a lot of pictures so that you could see what I went through!!

Okay, maybe more than you wanted to see, but I love these glasses! They are the coolest things I own!

Sorry for the fuzz. Ray took this one and he wasn't too handy with a camera he knew nothing about.

We're on our way! I'm sitting here knitting (since you can't see it. I've gotten pretty far--this is just outside of Galesburg--nearly there!

We arrive, and I start snapping pics. The place is full of craftsmen (and craftswomen, as well!). Some of the wares--

A barrel maker...I think they called it coopersmithing?

A jeweler...


Taxidermy--those are foxtails on the ring on the wall!

Gun blanks made for folks who like to build their own rifles! There are small holes near the trigger area where the rifling goes--this done with a special jig made just for cutting out rifling. A very interesting conversation!

And the prettiest one---a coppersmith! All these items, made by hand! Can you imagine? But you know, this is how they did it "in the old way", before things went to heck in a handbasket--putting people on a manufacturing line doing one boring thing after another, ultimately not caring for quality--but only for quantity--as such was what the management wanted en masse! See what one individual can do from start to finish? Maybe not as MUCH as a plant will turn out, but certainly better quality.


Civil Indians, also coopersmiths! The elder brother...

The younger brother....

Heck, even grandpa!

This lady personified the "look" that I hope for someday. I love her entire outfit! I don't think she knew that I was snapping the pic, but I really did want some candid shots, rather than "pose for the picture, please".

I found her hiding in the booth, doing some sewing repairs (by hand mind you!) behind some of the displays. She looked so cute and was so determined and focused on what she was doing that she didn't even notice lil ole me and my camera!

Some Tri-Cornered Hats try to strike a deal with a vendor. Englishmen! They will try anything to cheat a lady, won't they?

A guy in a tophat--he was admiring another booth. I just liked the hat, but when he turned to look at me, he smiled. I found out that I liked him too. WOW! Was he ever handsome! Tho, a bit too young for me, I'm afraid!

This fellow is from Ann Arbor. He is working on a sock knitting machine--and interesting contraption that cost anywhere from $900 to $1900 depending on the exchange rate. His came from New Zeeland, and he's busy at work making some re-enactment hose. The machine makes short row heels and short row toes--which are both made in a similar fashion! This one also does ribbing, which I found quite desirable. I've considered buying a sock machine, but alas, they are currently out of my price range, as I pay too much money for YARN!

I tried on a new hat. The vendor didn't have a mirror, so I snapped myself-I decided I didn't like this one. Maybe the scowl on my face tells the whole story. I did buy a slightly different hat later in the day, which I'm quite happy with.

And a new velvet purse to go with my costume. I love the lace on this! I wonder if I can knit it?

And then we headed home. Whew!

What a day!

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