Friday, March 20, 2009

Yesterday....All My Troubles Seemed So Far Away..

Not that I'm a Beatles fan or anything, but when I was a kid, I was in the drama club. Yes, Yes, I was a budding Thespian. Most of the time, I was a walk-on, or an extra or even (gasp) one of the chorus!

There were a couple of times that I had speaking roles, however. I was typecast most of the time, as a piece of trailer trash hillbilly hooker--mainly because my two front teeth come out to


It was a singing role, and the nemesis to the lead (well sort of) in a play about Barbara Allen who wanted to marry a male witch from the mountains.

The second play was our town, where I got to play my guitar and sing The Water is Wide, while two star struck lovers talked in whispers behind me--of course, all three of us were dead in the play Our Town.

Typecast? Did I say Typecast?

Anyway, Yesterday was one of the songs in the play, which I helped to teach the harmony to a couple people, and because it was sung a capalla--which means without accompaniment--the harmony, which was airy and ethereal, gave sort of a spooky, yet mournful sound to it and set the tone for the entire play.

The song stuck, and now, when ever I say "Yesterday" I hark back to those times in high school when I thought I would be the next Carrie Underwood. Good sense hit me hard when I graduated, and I went to college.

That entire episode of my life was fun, but it wasn't real for the most part. I don't think I ever really lived back then, and hope that my real life will start soon. HA!

So last night, I'm thinking...what should I do? I did obtain the rows for the Monthly Dishcloth, and went beyond those rows almost to the end. Since I'm not sure how the washcloth is actually "finished" I will have to wait a few days for the rest of it--so I have a few days of respite when I won't be working on it--you see, it's a short row cloth, worked flat, but the pieces work sort of like pie slices, and I'm not sure if there are 7 pie slices or 8. If 7, the cloth will lay flat. If 8, it's going to have a ruffle, and I won't like it.

So I'm going to talk to the person in charge and simply ask "Is there 7 or 8 pie wedgies in this cloth?" and then proceed with the ending the way I think it should be done. I'm doing it this way so that the cloth will still look like everyone else's when it comes time to take pictures!

The mail brought two packages from Ebay purchases--a ball of Opal in crayon colors, and several ounces of Turquoise Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn, and the second issue of The Knitter magazine which I paid WAY too much for--by the way, the mag is now on the Barnes and Noble Magazine rack at only $12.99! I paid twice that! I hate myself. I will wait for the next issue and make a note in my calendar when it's approximate date of delivery to the bookstore will be.

I need more Udder Cream. My old udder cream has turned into cleansing cream--it's softened and more like something that comes in a pump bottle than from a jar. Very soupy. It still works, but it makes a mess on the floor (your clothes, the cat...oops! sorry kitty!).

I use this stuff for my feets. Us diabetics have to take really good care of our feets. We have to keep cream on them because if they get dry and cracked it can lead to severe infections, and we could lose an appendage--I don't intend on that happening. AND speaking of diet..

I lost another 1.5 pounds. I am now down to 202.5. Do you see me? I am doing that happy dance, like Snoopy--okay, maybe not such a good visual---a 202# Snoopy doing the happy dance could lead to the house falling apart--in fact, hubby just came out and asked if we were having an earthquake.

I told him to go back to bed.

I'm going to the Living History Show tomorrow in Kalamazoo. I'm going to take along some mindless knitting (read that either sock or dishcloth--I'll decide tomorrow) that I can work on while I'm walking around and chatting with Ray. I don't expect that I'll be buying much.

Well, must be on my way. I have feedback to leave on Ebay, check my other purchases to figure out when I will receive them, and away I fly off to the office. Where'd that broom go?

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