Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blue Celtic Jumper Is Done!

And that pretty much sums up my week this week--it's been really boring.

You can see my project file on Ravelry here

I hate the way my cell phone really skews the color and can't take a good shot to save it's life. I'm considering a different Blackberry with a better resolution--the color on my Ravelry page for previous pics of the sweater turned out pretty good. Those were taken with my camera at 8 megapixels. The Blackberry is only 3, and it doesn't have Smart-Shake--which maintains the camera "still" even if you tremble--Most of the cameras have it now--especially the SLR's and that is why my next camera will be an SLR.

In the meanwhile, I decided to play with a little crochet--switching things up a bit. I'm working on the Santa Fe Rug (Actually called the Desert Star Rug on Lion Brand's website, but I think it has decidedly south-western flavors, so I renamed it...sue me! On second thought, don't do that--I'm having a bad hair day.), and I have one of the stars completed. It isn't going together very well--but I'm trying.

One of my office comrades is retiring, so I put together a montage of pictures on CD for her going away present. It turned out really well. I think I still have the best one...let me see if I can find it. There 'tis! This is a silver pitcher with a picture of our building super-imposed upon it.
I think it turned out quite well!

I also had a commission to work on a flyer for a charity--didn't charge for it. It turned out pretty cute, though.

This weekend is the Kalamazoo Highland Games. I'm not much looking forward to it--and I'm almost thinking of not going--opting for the Jackson Civil War Re-Enactment--I can choose one or the other. There's a certain person I do not wish to bump into--at either function--so I'm going to flip a coin at the start of the day, and decide on the fly. Either will give me lots of time to spin and demo. Both have aspects that I would like to be able to attend both--but that's not really feasible. I prefer to go to the Kalamazoo Show, because I don't hear bagpipes much anymore, and I do love them. I love how the bands all get together at the end of the day and do Kitchen Piping. It's the best part of the day!

Well I'm off to look into cell phones. I want one that will run the Kindle application, I think.

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