Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Right Front Fixed

I got the right front fixed, but forgot to take in 2 balls of yarn to start the sleeves, so the afternoon break was VERY boring.

But the earlier part of the day was quite productive, knitting-wise. I fixed the right front shoulder and also fixed a cable that I missed two rows below the beginning of the bind off--which I had missed earlier.

Now the front, left and right shoulders look exactly the same, and I'm a much happier camper.

Now, I have to cast on for the sleeves--50 stitches each, which means ribbing over 100 stitches again, every time across. It will go about as fast as the front/back did, except for one thing--I'm only going to use ONE of the cable patterns, simply because it works best. I also plan to make the mirror image of the ONE cable pattern, and the two will cross each other in a quickie braid down the middle of the sleeve--there is some planning to this, so I am going to open my knitting program and set some things up to make it work out. Then I will print my graph and then I will be ready to knit. But for now, I'm going to rib for 17 rows.

If I'm not back before the end of the evening, send someone in to get me.

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