Monday, August 2, 2010

Long Day at the Salt Mines...

I took a sleeping pill last night, and it didn't hit me until after midnight--at which time, I slept like a baby, right through my alarm into the next few hours.

I arrived at the office an hour and a half late. But no use in trying to drive when I'm only half awake--that's only a good idea if you're driving in your dreams.

But I finally arrived to find...nothing to do.

So I sat back and thought about what I might do. I worked on some old work and sort of neatened it up a little, but there's only so much "neatening" a person can do. So I got bored.

And because the supervisor sort of snapped at me earlier, I offered to give her a hand with whatever she needed to get done.

So she gave me a special project and told me that she needed screen dumps for the eligibility unit.

This is not helping HER per se, but helping out the unit. I rather wanted to take some of the load off HER, but apparently, she's willing to carry the load, hang onto every pie, and/or at least have a finger in everyone else's pies, and snap at the hired help!

I hate people like that.

So on the way home, I decided to snag some egg roll wrappers, some shrimps and some donuts for dinner.

I know, egg rolls and donuts for dinner. Not a real menu bonanza, but I had this leftover sauerkraut from last night's kraut and Italian sausages...

My sauerkraut (Vlasic) had salt, pepper, horseradish, beef bouillon, Worcestershire sauce in it. To that, I added soy sauce and salad shrimps. I stir fried all of it, drained off all the liquid, added to the egg roll wrapper, folded, sealed and delivered to a hot pot of canola oil and fried 10 of those puppies.

Yum. I made up some cocktail sauce from catchup mustard and horseradish, stir well. Dipped the egg roll in that, and wow!


I wanted more than the two I ate but had to leave some for the boys. They've apparently been working on the wiring downstairs. My hubby is so hot and sweaty that his shirt is shiny as a piece of rubber wet suit! He doesn't need to take a bath--he *IS* a bath! A walking shower!

I haven't been knitting at all today--first because I was late to the office. Second because we had a meeting for the party planning for one of the office gals who is retiring on the 24th of this month. Which reminds me. I have to get busy on the flier.

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